14 Nov 2015

It's My Birthday!

Another year flew. It's so cliche but as you get older time seems to fly. Hubby and I were reflecting on ageing the other day. When you're younger you look forward to things, or look forward to things coming to an end. Like finishing uni, or looking forward to getting married, or having children. All these things I'm slowly ticking off or experiencing, I never really pictured myself ... ageing. Of course I age as the years go by, we all do. I've always believed you're as young as you feel, or feel as old as you let yourself to be. Even though I'm clocking over another year, my mind, my sense of humour, things I value, and what I enjoy hasn't changed much in the past several years. So I don't feel as old as I am. What I see in the mirror though ... well my thoughts on that is totally different. 

So another year another round of 'Things About Me'. This is my third year doing this and admittedly I'm running out of 30+ new things to share about myself, but here we go ...
  1. The reason why I always wear sunglasses when I'm out is because when I was 15 I suffered from pterygium. Apparently I got it due to over exposure to sunlight. My treatment didn't require removal, but since then I'm very sensitive to direct light.
  2. I love mint chocolate.
  3. Being late is a pet pee of mine. I hate being late and I dislike when it's done to me. 
  4. I love organising and planning things, in particular events or parties. I don't do it often but when I do, I can be a little ... over the top and demanding. I don't do things in halves.
  5. I guess that reflects a bit of my personality. When I've set my mind to doing something, I go for it.
  6. I've always blogged. In high school I use to blog and build personal websites back in the day when of GeoCities and AltaVista existed. I wasn't doing much of it in my mid twenties but I was really into it in my teens and during uni. 
  7. My hair takes for-ev-er to grow. I'm not kidding. I prefer long hair and I barely cut it because I'm always trying to grow it. I get very envious of friends whose hair go from bobs to long manes in twelve months. 
  8. Actually I have a thing for hair in general. It's the one aspect about myself I put some effort in. Everyone has one feature about them self they put extra care in. Some people care about their eyebrows or their complexion, mine is hair.
  9. I like to travel.
  10. I like my name and maiden surname. I really struggled (and still complain about it actually) when I had to change it after I got married. I felt I was losing a sense of my identity when I changed my name. 
  11. I'm a big coffee drinker. 
  12. I like to cook. I prefer to cook. I'm not the best at it but I don't do too bad. I've learnt a few rules of the kitchen and have a few recipes up my sleeve. I find cooking therapeutic at times.
  13. However I can't bake. I've tried a few times and it always turns out bad. 
  14. Growing up I had a fear of people not liking me or being excluded. I think this insecurity really held me back growing up. There was so much I wanted to do, to say, to try but I didn't want to seem .. uncool or rejected. Speaking of excluded, I only recently learnt what FOMO stood for: Fear of Missing Out. A friend dropped it in a conversation and I had to stop her and ask what it stood for. 
  15. I rather clean the bathroom than do the ironing. Why cause ironing can take me hours, but cleaning the bathroom, less than an hour. 
  16. I'm a morning person. 
  17. But I could sleep all day.
  18. Putting this list of 34 things about me, that I hadn't included in my previous list is hard. I've struggled on number 15 for the past two days. 
  19. I never took piano lessons. My dad taught me everything he knew as a child - what key was what, how to read notes and music. Then in my early teens I suddenly had a new found interest in playing. So I learnt all the cords and studies how to read music sheets. Because of this today I'm really slow at reading music. I didn't learn any of the fundamentals or techniques one would learn if they took lessons.
  20. Same fact as above with my bass guitar skills. Suddenly had an interest in learning, dad taught me the basics and off I went and taught myself the rest. 
  21. Riding a horse is one of the top things to tick off on my "bucket list". This desire stems from when as a kid. Where we use to live, our neighbour's daughter (who was much older than me at the time) owned a horse. While over my neighbours house playing with her younger sister she asked if I wanted to see her horse, she was going to go get him. I said yes and waited all day for her to return. I remember feeling excited in anticipation, but when it got dark and realised the horse wasn't coming felt really disappointed. Now you're probably reading this thinking, "Maybe she never had a horse to begin with and she was just joking?" My younger sister has seen and ridden this horse, I just wasn't present that occasion.  
  22. Sharks scare the b-jebus out of me, but ironically I love being in the ocean. 
  23. I'm not a pet person although I've grown up with many dogs during my childhood. I'm just turned off by the maintenance involved in owing a pet. 
  24. I like documentaries in particular murder mysteries. 
  25. I know I have a resting b!tch face. I do frown a lot and according to my husband, apparently the shape of my eyebrows adds to why I have the resting b!tch face. Doesn't bother me, only when I see candid photos of myself and I look mad.
  26. I know at times I don't stand up straight, something when I do realise I correct. Again I think it's got to do my childhood. I've always been a taller girl amongst friends, mix in my fear of wanting to fit in ... well my body language over the years would reflect this insecurity. 
  27. I have big eyes. Not really an unknown fact, but as you can probably tell I'm running out of new things to share about myself.
  28. I literally laugh out loud when I find something really amusing. 
  29. If something takes too long to learn, I get lazy or feel like I can't be bother learning how to use/do something. Of course if it's something that I'm totally interested in then I can spend hours immersed in learning.
  30. I trend to rush things in the end. I'd say I do better under pressure. Like this post which I drafted a week ago, facts 14 onwards were written 24 hours ago. 
  31. I went to a co-educational high school from years 7-9, then moved to a girls school afterwards. I prefer the co-ed school over the girls school. Not because there were boys, but I noticed a big social difference between the two different high school. Girls from girls schools are cray cray! Also I ranked better in school when I was matched up against boys. 
  32. I'm bad at remembering numbers, especially logins that require numbers. I can't even remember the numbers to unlock my husband's phone. 
  33. I avoid medication. I'm a firm believer you should let your body's immune system do its thing before you take drugs. Whether it's get some rest, hydrate, sleep or eat something good. I always try one or all these things when I feel unwell before I take anything. 
  34. I have slow reflexes. This is one of the reasons why I started playing sports later on in life, to improve my reflex. I refused to accept my body can't be learn to move quicker as I age.
Hopefully I haven't repeated any of the 34 items previously. You can read another 65 facts about me from my previous birthday posts here and here

What have I got planned for today? Just chill and hang out with my family, couldn't have asked for a better birthday. 
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