29 Apr 2012

Investment Property #3

This afternoon we drove past our potential new investment. 

It's going to be a brand new 220sm one story free standing home comprising of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a single garage. What made the property attractive was not only is it a brand new free standing home but all the inclusions included with the price. Extras which you would normally have to pay on top for such as the driveway, fencing, landscaping and blinds. It's a ready to move in home in an ideal location of the suburb and believe we can get premium rental and resell value for the property. 

We are taking advantage of the no stamp duty the government is offering to NSW home owners for any new homes being built under $600K or land purchased under $400K. This will exempt us from paying for up to $40K worth of stamp duty.

At this point in time we're not planning to move into the house only because its so far from our network of support people who are helping us look after Eli. 

I feel this purchase is a sound investment especially for the price we purchased it at and it's going to strengthen our financial portfolio. I've always believed in smart investing and making well calculated decisions not just going with the trend. My approach to property investing is to purchase decent, not expensive homes that will provide strong rental income and has the potential to make profit when we come to sell it.

Another bonus is settlement isn't until the completion of the property which isn't scheduled until the end of the year. What that means is we don't have to pay anything except the 10% until the home is complete therefore we can take advantage of securing the property now at the price we negotiated at the time without having to pay the banks back just yet. 

I see us keeping this property for 5+ years and just sitting on it for a little while until the property market picks up again or the area continues to grow, hopefully increasing the value of the home. 

Now to find a home for us. We're so undecided as to what we want to do. I don't mind renting however renting is so unstable at time. I was made well aware of this reality this week when my sister was given her 4 weeks eviction notice from her landlord. The reasons for the eviction is unknown however whatever the reason is its within contract grounds. 

Do we want to buy around our parents? My parents want to sell their home and move between states or countries in the colder months so then what's the point of staying in the area if my parents aren't around for support? I also don't want to stress either parents with the expectation that they have to be so involved with raising our children - they've done their time and I want them to enjoy their retirement period, they deserve it. 

Do we want to buy closer to work? The 1.5hr each way commute to work is killing my life. I know the M2 road works will cease in a year and in 10-15 years time there will be a North West train line. But how much time will I be saving anyways? Besides being close to our families we do live in an ideal location. Good schools, family orientated, people within the same salary bracket. C'mon lets get real the homes in this area aren't cheap. It is assumed a certain salary amount is required to even get approved for loans to buy homes in this location. So it is a good area regardless its just that the travel into the city is so tedious everyday. 

Do we want a sea change? Ian and I have been taking about getting away from Sydney. The cost of living, the lifestyle, the mortgages and everyday living expenses are ridiculous in Sydney. We complain but we don't do anything about it and maybe its time we did. Time we moved to some place that isn't so expensive. The con would be that we won't have support people around us and potentially salaries wont be as competitive as the salaries in Sydney. 

22 Apr 2012

Eli's First Plane Ride

Work needed to send me to Melbourne for a few days. I had to run some workshops with various business stakeholders and gather some requirements.

So since I only work Monday's to Thursday's and I was going to be in Melbourne from Wednesday to Thursday we decided to take advantage of my long weekends and extend my stay in Melbourne up until the weekend and have Ian and Eli join me. 

I flew on Wednesday morning therefore I was alone for the first time in almost 10 months. I was even in another state meaning I should get the best sleep I could ask for. Instead I was uneasy and missed my boys too much. My body clock kicked in and I ended up waking at 5.30am anyways. 

Ian had the unfortunate task of getting himself and Eli to Melbourne. Fortunately it is only an hour flight and despite my fears I think Eli was alright. He was unsettled but more because he hates sitting still now. 

Our first trip as a family was ... in my opinion not too bad. Yes the whole time was a never ending 'tag team' relay but you get on with it and if you work together to plan it all out its really not that bad. I think the hardest part is getting him to sit in his stroller for long periods of time but once forced in and he realised he's in there for the long haul, he'd cave in and sleep.    

Overall we had a good time in Melbourne. It was good to get away as a family to test the water for future holiday's. Can't wait to take our son out to more exciting locations.

Eli enjoying the view in our hotel apartment

13 Apr 2012


We finally got Eli tested to see what he’s allergic to and it turns out he’s allergic to cow’s milk and eggs. So now he’s on soy milk formula.

There is cow’s milk protein present in normal baby’s formula and this explains why even after we moved him back to Nan H.A and I started weaning his skin began to flare up.

They say he’ll probably grow out of it, I hope so.

The past 2-3 weeks I can tell he’s been uncomfortable as he’s constantly scratching either his body, arms, legs or scalp. He has bags around his eyes and he's unsettled. And because he is uncomfortable he’s so unhappy so he’s also crying more often.

Poor baby I just want him to be 100% again.

11 Apr 2012

Gen-Y Conversation

Colleague: Tonight I’m helping my daughter put her hat together for her school’s Easter Day parade. I’ve got all the materials just got to put it all together …. Something to look forward to later on, Camielle.

Me: I’m gen-y. I’ll probably buy my son’s hat online, have it shipped to his school for him to wear on the day.

Colleague: Oh?!

She ended up buying a hat

4 Apr 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

It was J&S’s wedding on the weekend. It was a beautiful and perfect day – I don’t think SSL could have asked for a more wonderful day. I was really surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the day. I don’t know why? I think because I got the impression that SSL had done little to nothing in preparation for the wedding so I had (slack to admit it) but low expectations for the big day. Boy was I wrong. She had put a lot of effort into the smallest detail and everything was well thought of and beautiful.

Also the wedding was a small intimate affair with only their closest family and friends. The venue, which was only locked in 4 months ago, was beautiful and lovely. The surrounding garden seemed incorporated into the function room so it felt like it was an extension of the room and the food was above par and offered large servings.

I gave a speech which I hope articulated exactly how I feel about the bride. I started preparing for the speech the week of the wedding and was struggling to come up with anything because I was so nervous. Luckily no one else came prepared, well everyone else winged it but everyone’s speech was heart felt and well delivered. I think because everyone spoke from the heart and being in front of close friends it wasn’t hard to just say what you wanted to say.

SSL looked beautiful and timeless – just like she wanted to look. Her dress amazingly made and suited her to a tee. I would describe her look as elegant, classy and womanly. I loved how JM wore a different colour suite to the boys. I wish Ian did that at our wedding so he stood out from the groomsmen. He looked really handsome and smart – especially since he had lost so much weight leading up to the wedding. I thought it was suppose to be the bride who loses weight?!

The bridal party well … what can I say? We scrubbed up well. Our dresses ended up really complimenting the theme – I sound like I had serious doubts about the wedding. I think I'm just impressed by wedding ideas and themes I wouldn’t have considered.  

I couldn’t have wished a more beautiful day for a beautiful couple.
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