28 Jan 2014

Hello 2014!

This first month of 2014 feels like it's flown but at the same time it's been slow. Ian's holidays have come and pretty much gone now. Those six weeks literally flew and we used the time to do pretty much nothing relatively interesting except bond with the boys and tick off a few boring "grown up" stuff. 

27 Jan 2014

New Layout

Finally updated the blog layout.

I wanted something really simple, summery and clean.

What do you think?

Having a new layout is like cleaning your room or your car. I feel decluttered, organised and motivated. I'm ready to get some new posts rolling.

I've got new social media icons, you're now able to subscribe via email so you can be notified when I have a new post and see a few of my current Instagram photos.

I've updated the About section, kept the Contact info straight to the point and I've moved my blog roll on to the right side section of my blog.

Designer Blogs supplied the template.

8 Jan 2014

Potty Training

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would know that we recently decided to potty train Eli. It was a skill we were hoping Eli would have mastered before Kai arrived because I really didn't want to be changing two sets of nappies. But as usual that didn't happen, plus he wasn't sleeping unassisted yet either so we thought we'd face that battle first.

We decided to leave it until Ian was on holidays so we could share the "potty training" experience. I'm glad we agreed to that cause if it was just me ... I would have given up and cracked it four hours into it.

3 Jan 2014

2013 In Review

As you get older it seems the years really do just zoom past. It doesn't feel that long ago I was reviewing my 2012 new year's resolution and writing 2013 one's.

At this time of the year I like to look back on the resolutions I made last year and reflect on whether I achieved them during the twelve months, then I like to make new one's for the new year. Sometimes I keep a previous year's resolution or I tweak it to fit the person I've become since I made it.

So here were my 2013 resolutions:

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