31 Dec 2013

December Review

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Here's a review of December in pictures ...

Key dates this month were:

19 Dec 2013

Life With Kai

So I realised I haven't really blogged about the newest addition to our family home in .... ever, except his birth story.

14 Dec 2013

What To Expect When You're Expecting .... Another

I get asked a lot "So how is it with two?"

Obviously I get this question a lot from friends who either don't have kids or only have one to deal with.

I try to be honest and most days reply with my blanket response that goes along the lines of "It's okay. There are tougher days of course, but you adjust." or  "It's challenging but I know it'll get easier". I am naturally an optimist.

Just like a woman who forgets the pain she goes through during child birth, most parents don't dwell on the cons of parenting but cherish the priceless moments. 

5 Dec 2013

Eating Complex

Eli has severe allergies to food. Actually he's allergic to several types of foods. 

Obviously with another person to look after my attention has been divided and I've been slacking off in monitoring Eli's eating habits. As a result he's had a few minor reactions and he has not been eating as much as I'd like him to be. 

What pulled me up on my slackness was his bi-annually Dr's appointment with the allergen specialist. He was weighed, as he usually is at these appointments and learnt that he's still under 12kg.    

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