31 Dec 2013

December Review

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Here's a review of December in pictures ...

Key dates this month were:

  • 1/12 Annual Christmas Party with some of our closest friends. This year for secret santa we opted for unisex gifts so that anyone could steal any other person's gift. Ian's original gift was stollen and swapped for glass mason jars. I'm not complaining as I've been wanting these type of jars for ages but have always been a little too pricey for what they are. 
  • 3/12 Date Night Drive In. We managed to get an overnight babysitter one night so we took advantage of this opportunity and watch a movie. The local drive in was recently renovated and had been getting so much buzz that we had to check it out. Plus Ian had never been to one before. That evening we watched The Hunger Games, Catching Fire.
  • 5/12 It's The Principle. I ordered a pair of shoes from Style Tread for the first time. All new customers get a $10 discount on their first order but unfortunately the shoes I got were too big. I returned them and asked for a new code so that I could get the same shoe in the correct size. Originally they declined my request stating codes are only given to first orders however, I explained that technically this is still a first order. They agreed and issued me with a new code. They now have one happy and returning customer!
  • 6/12 Postcard from UK. Received our first postcard from the little sister and bro-in-law. I miss them so much. This is our first Christmas and New Year's apart. You really feel the distance especially during the holidays.
  • 7/12 FCF Christmas Carnival. The church I attend held its annual carnival this month. It was bigger and better than last year. All profits and proceeds were given to victims affected by the NSW bush fires and the typhoon in the Philippines. It was a great day of yummy filo food, rides for the kids and overall great day out in the sun. 
  • 16/12 Blogging. Published a few posts updating you on Kaifamily life and other topics
  • 22/12 Kai reaches 3 months.
  • 25/12 Merry Christmas!!
  • 26/12 Taking full advantage of the summer season and having Ian around by enjoying it outside as much as possible. 
How does your December wrap up look like? 
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