29 May 2016

Things I Said I Would Never Do As A Parent ... & Did Anyways

They say children change you. It's true. You may not believe it, but you'll eventually realise that you're no longer the same person you were prior to children. I told myself I would be the exception ... I wouldn't let children change me.

Oh, how wrong was I? The "changes" that happens when you become a parent happens to all parents in varying degrees. Here are a few things I know that has changed about me since having children:

10 May 2016

Review of Jen Orchard Gateway Singapore

The first place we stayed at during our trip to Singapore was Jen Orchard Gateway near Orchard Road.

Being our first trip to Singapore we decided to stay close to a main area in the city that was easily accessible by public transport and close to places we can purchase necessities.

There are plenty of accommodation options in Singapore, it really is a matter of taste and budget. Initially, I was looking for a self-contained apartment style room since we were a family of four, but the costs were a little too much for us.
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