29 May 2016

Things I Said I Would Never Do As A Parent ... & Did Anyways

They say children change you. It's true. You may not believe it, but you'll eventually realise that you're no longer the same person you were prior to children. I told myself I would be the exception ... I wouldn't let children change me.

Oh, how wrong was I? The "changes" that happens when you become a parent happens to all parents in varying degrees. Here are a few things I know that has changed about me since having children:

Stopped judging other parents
Since becoming one myself and realising it ain't as easy as I thought it would be, I stopped judging other parents parenting styles and decisions. No matter how much you say "I'll never parent like that" ... you probably will, in some form. When I use to see parents scolding at their child in public I use to judge them, but now I know better. I don't know their situation, I don't know them or what they're going through to make them snap it at that point.

Give in to all their requests
Before kids I convinced myself I would be the boss and they'll do what I said. How wrong was I? If they won't eat the food I made and ask for Coco Pops instead I'll give it to them. If they ask for the another ball at the store, I'll buy it for them. They're the boss and dictate orders, I'm the idiot who follows and does it.

Buy heaps of stuff they'll out grow in a few months
I only shop for the kids now. Before children I use to wonder why would parents buy all those expensive but cute outfits for their child only to be out grown a few months later. I now understand you want to buy it. Its not for show or approval but love. So what if those shorts costs the same as adult size shorts, he's going to look so cute in them, and I rather spend money on them than me.

Let them spend too much time watching TV or using electronic devices
Before I'd turn on the television so they can be entertained for a few minutes while I do something, but over time it would extend to the whole morning sometimes. Yes I feel some guilt but thank God for ABC4Kids because they helped teach my boys the fundamentals. As a parent we all feel giving our children the iPad is some form of neglect, but if they're watching the right content it's adding value, right? ... Well that's what I tell myself. I've recently downloaded the Bible for Kids App and it reads out loud the various Bible stories through cartoon illustrations. There's a multiple choice quiz at the end of each story and I'm surprised Eli selects the answer when I read each option out to him.

Let them eat junk food
Before children I had misconceptions on what kind of meals my children would eat. In my head I was determined they would be eating wholesome home cooked meals every night. How wrong was I? Firstly slaving over a wholesome meal only to be rejected get's pretty tired after awhile. We all hate when people don't appreciate the effort we put into things, and children are pretty blunt telling you when they don't like something. Secondly when you have kids who have food allergies, therefore already limited by certain foods they can consume, you're always trying to get them to eat. And if they're happy to eat nugget and chips everyday, nugget and chips it'll be. Sure it's not the healthiest but if it means they're eating, I'll take it. 

Dress like a "Mum"
You can tell who the mums are, they've got a "look" and I told myself kids would not change my beauty regime or my love of fashionable clothing. How wrong was I? Make up is reserved for special occasions and I'm happy to wear denim jeans and a stripe or button down top all day every day. It's a tried and tested look and with limited time to think about my outfit before I step out of the house, I like to know I'm putting on something that's comfortable and safe. 

I'm sure in the years to come I'll be eating more and more of my words in regards to things I said I would never do as a parent and actual reality. How about you? What are the things you said you would never do as a parent but years later did anyways?

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