2 Aug 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Eli

Last week we celebrated Eli's 5th birthday and this my annual birthday post.

Happy birthday Eli. When I think about you, my heart and eyes begin to fill. I’m so grateful to have been blessed with you as my first child. You're sweet, loving, thoughtful, beautiful and intelligent little human. You're a good kid and I'm already blown away by your maturity and loving nature. 

As you've grown another year you've developed more into who you're meant to be. You're heart and mind is a lot more mature than people your own age. I know this because of the way his eyes water up when one of dad’s jokes goes a little too far and you try to hide your tears. Or when you asks me if I had a nap so I could rest. Or when you ask for things but then question whether it's expensive, cause you've heard us say those things in the past. 

You know your place in our family. You help, you contribute and you lead when you need to. You're honest and take in everything we teach you, like not to hide secrets from each other. So you felt you had to tell your dad we were going Pokemon hunting when I told you we were going to sneak out to do it. I'm already so proud of you cause you continue to blow me away with your thoughtfulness, your fearless nature, your maturity and your heart. 

Of course, you're still a five-year-old. You're at a stage where play always involves some form of pretend violence like fighting, pushing, and yelling. For you at this moment being number one is a priority so everything is a race or you have to be the first to do anything. 

I pray that God always watches over you and protect you especially in moments we’re not around. May you continue to thrive, be in perfect health and be that sweet child that you are. I don’t know how we got so lucky with you. 

We love you so much.

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