I live in Sydney Australia. My husband and I first crossed paths in high school. I went to a girl’s school and he went to the boy’s school next door. He was kinda a big deal and I was the new kid in school. He got my phone number from a friend and we were exclusive shortly after. By the end of high school we had broken up and weren’t even friends anymore. A few years later I threw a 21st birthday party, which he crashed and we were exclusive once again shortly after. In 2007 he put a ring on it and in 2009 we were wed.

In 2011 we welcomed our first child, a boy named Eli. And in 2013 extended the brood and had another son name Kai.

Gen-Y Mum is a personal blog / site where I document motherhood through the persona of a Gen-Y. I was born in 1981 therefore belonging to the millennial generation or "Gen-Y" generation. I consider myself a typical gen-y and fit all stereotypes associated with my clique. I am achievement orientated, tech savvy, family centric, attention craving, a multi channeller and have a high expectation on life.

I started this blog to capture key moments in this new phase in my life, so that I can one day reflect back on it. Here you can read stories and observations on my children, products and services I’ve reviewed, read personal experiences or recommendations on being better with money and general ramblings that I feel the urge to write about. I don’t claim to be a writer nor admit to it being a secret love of mine, so don’t be surprised to find spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and several days between posts.

For me I blog because I want to document my life, it's a creativity outlet, a hobby, an experiment all in one. 
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