28 Nov 2013

What's In A Label?

Eli is about to start child care soon which he'll be attending twice a week. It'll be good for both of us. Good for him as it allows him to play and socialise with other children, and good for me as it will allow for some alone time for Kai and I.

Being new to the whole child care process, I had a million and one questions on the centre's procedures and care approach, but was also lost about what I needed to do or bring in preparation for my child to go to child care.

One of the things I will need to do is bring along a few personal items for my son to make his time there comfortable. So obviously personal property requires tagging everything so it doesn't get lost amongst other similar objects. And for me that means sourcing some personalised labels to stick onto his property.

26 Nov 2013

My Birthday Recap

A few weeks ago it was my birthday.

On my actual birthday we spent the day in the sun and by the water. I love being outdoors particularly the beach, and it was the perfect day for it too. The sun was shinning, it was warm but not the usual dry heat we had been experiencing a few weeks back. There was a cool breeze and the water was refreshing.

We had a late breakfast at The Boat House at Balmoral. I think its newly renovated because I recall coming to Balmoral when Eli was only 4-5 months old and the cafe didn't exist back then. I really liked this cafe. The ambiance was great, the food was delicious, great vibe to the place and of course the view of Balmoral is the biggest plus. It was very busy when we were here on a Thursday, despite the ample seating available, so I'd imagine weekends are crazy.

After breakfast we set up tent near the beach and spent the whole day there. Eli and I built sand castles, he played in the water with Ian and the boys took their afternoon naps in the shade. It was so relaxing. I wished we could do exactly what we did that day everyday.

That weekend Ian and I were suppose to have lunch with my sister and brother in law ... so I thought. Turns out it was a decoy as Ian had planned a little surprise get together with friends for my birthday. I was totally surprised. Surprised he could surprise me, I'm usually all over any suspicious activity and surprised by the turn out, I felt very loved. 

These last several weeks being on house arrest it has felt like groundhog day, where everyday feels like the last. The repetitiveness can feel like its never ending. The small but draining tasks are never recognised, so to get a few hours off and to be celebrated was welcoming to my spirit. Thanks everyone who came especially the hubby for an awesome effort. 

22 Nov 2013

The Curious Toddler

Lately, Eli's vocabulary comprises of "No"; "Why?" and "Mine" .... and its driving me nuts! 

What I find surprising about this stage in his development is, how much I sound like my dad in my responses, or how hard it actually is to come up with answers that you think a two year old would understand, or just even reasons for why things are just is. 

So here are some of the No! Why! and Mine! responses I wish I could say to my little curious toddler ....

"Why? Do you seem to only want my upmost attention when I'm actually trying to do something, but I could be doing nothing for hours and you don't need me?"

"Mine! My food. I'm eating the same thing but I've purposely tried to feed you first. Stop ruining my meal experience."

"Why? Do you always save your soiled nappy changes for when I'm finally eating or when I'm nursing or when I'm cooking dinner?"

"No! Stop climbing all over me it's freakin' annoying!"

"No! Mum doesn't go to the naughty corner." 

"Why? Can you finish a chocolate bar without force, but getting you to finish your lunch is so difficult?"

"Mine! Personal space. Can you stop following me into every room in the house I go into, climbing my back when I'm trying to eat, using my legs as a slide when I'm nursing, leaning up against me when I'm trying to fold the laundry."

"Why? Do you keep doing something I told you to stop doing, or do the opposite of what I say?"

"Mine! My phone, my stuff. Stop deleting, moving, drawing on, ripping apart, throwing across the room my limited items. You have a room full of your stuff to do that to."

"Why? Do you touch everything you're not suppose to, but won't touch the toys you've left on the hallway that I almost tripped over on?" 

I'm glad to say he's starting child care in a few weeks time. Just for two days a week ... it'll be good for both of us. 

Love you Eli, you smarty pants!


What "No, Why or Mine" saying do you wish you could say to your little one?

14 Nov 2013

It's My Birthday

Yep today is Cam's day! The one day I claim and accept to be the centre of attention, even if I rock your world for only 3 minutes as you think of me while you read this post. 

It's somewhat true what people say, you kinda stop counting after you reach a certain age. I accidentally once answered the age question with "twenty nine" in front of Ian. He almost gagged in laughter, but I really did forgot how old I was. Another thing people say is you're as young as you feel and I don't feel my age ... most days. 

So to celebrate Me and turning another year, I want to share 32 things people might not know about me ... 
  1. I'm left handed.
  2. I wear contacts or glasses (when I'm not wearing contacts). 
  3. I lived in Dubai for two years.
  4. When I'm not pregnant, I'm usually in basketball comps.  
  5. I can play the piano and base guitar.
  6. I was awarded a scholarship through the university I attended, so they paid for my first year of uni.  
  7. I have a fear of being locked inside a shop / shopping centre. I start to feel anxious when I'm at a shopping complex and I can see stores closing shop.
  8. I have this recurring dream ever since I was a child.
  9. I'm 5'9 or 171cm tall.   
  10. I have a sweet tooth and would choose a sweet dish over a savoury one any day.
  11. My first job was working at Hungry Jacks.
  12. Cappuccino is my coffee of choice.
  13. I love organising things.
  14. I lived in Queensland for 1 year.
  15. I love travelling and trying to see as much of the world as I can.
  16. I love reviewing things, places, restaurants, products - I like giving my opinion.
  17. With help, I've renovated a complete home. 
  18. My wardrobe mostly has pretty dresses and skinny jeans.
  19. I exercise / work out almost everyday, even on holidays, even when I was pregnant - it's a way of life for me.   
  20. I hate ironing.
  21. I prefer reality shows than tv series.
  22. I'm particular about how things should be done ... control freak!
  23. I'm a walking GPS.
  24. I plan everything onto excel spreadsheets and add formulas and macros where required.
  25. I have nice penmanship. 
  26. I like to keep busy, I think doing nothing is wasting time.
  27. I purchased my first home at age 24.
  28. I read the newspaper (hard or soft copy) everyday.
  29. I get sea sick almost every time I get on a boat.
  30. I have this OCD behaviour where I never finish the last corner bite of a sandwich.
  31. I love Japanese food.
  32. I'm allergic to aspirin.
As I reflect on the past year and how much God has blessed me with, I'm completely grateful. But this new year 32, I'm claiming to be my year. My year of .... just unimaginable greater things that will happen for me, I don't know what it is but I'm expectant. 

13 Nov 2013

Family Snaps

Here are our first family photos, taken at Kai's 1 monthaversary get together. He's a little chubbier than that now.

11 Nov 2013

Fabrik Review & Giveaway

I was recently contacted to see if I was keen to review some kids clothing. I love fashion, in particular clothing so of course my answer would be a big YES!

I was introduced to a label called Fabrik. This Australian label not only creates beautiful women's and baby clothing but quilts, bed sheets, spreads and dolls. They also stock unique children's toys which are outsourced. Fabrik uses environmentally friendly fabrics and are handcrafted and produced ethically in Bali, using cottage industry where workers who are paid fairly and are trained to work from home. Meaning they can generate an income while being with their children, which I totally support!

The founder and designer, Sarah Hardie has an eye for all things beautiful and delicate and you can definitely notice this in it's range. Personally, I like Fabrik's blend of classic and contemporary, floral and batik, cotton and lace - all things pretty.

They have just released their new range online, which will have a collection of classic designs with a refined bohemian edge feel to it. While the baby and children's range boasts playful and pretty in practical cuts.

I'm also pleased to be giving away the Amelia Dress in Herringbone Print as shown below.

If you would like to go into the draw to win this beautiful dress all you need to do is:
1. Follow me on Instagram: @gen_y_mum
2. Follow @fabrikstore on Instagram
3. Repost the image for this giveaway, which is on my Instagram account (@gen_y_mum) and hash tag #fabrikgiveaway 

Entries close 17/11/2013 23:59 Standard Eastern Time
Winner will be drawn 18/12/2013 and announced via Instagram

Good Luck!!

Terms & Conditions:
Competition is only available to Australian residents, sorry
Dress size 0 would fit 6m-9m old girl

4 Nov 2013

Monday Motivation

Being at home, sometimes the routine of home life can drain me out of any motivation and inspiration to do anything else. 

I've discovered/realised a new interest that I want to pursue further and potentially turn into something more. I'm naturally an impulsive person and a lifetime ago any new ideas that came into my head or hobbies I wanted to try out, I would pursue with determined motivation. But now with the demands of young children and running a home, its harder to put time into personal things. I constantly toss up between whether I should stay up late into the night working on my personal projects or get some rest ready for another full demanding day with two little people? I'm a believer of looking after yourself so I always opt for the latter option. 

What I love about smart phones is the ability to be online without having to be in front of an actual computer. I can multitask while I'm away from my laptop or more recently, while I nurse. One of the things I usual do when I'm stuck in one of those scenarios is to either get on Pinterest, Instagram and/or Twitter and do what I call snoop surfing. I snoop to see what people are liking, check out pin boards of those who have liked what I pinned and read trending tweets. Although I would usually categorise this habit as a waste of time, at times I come out of a "snooping" session feeling motivated and inspired. 

Why? Because I've discovered a new recipe I want to try, saw something pretty that caught my attention or more appropriately read about some small start up business.       

I've always said I wanted to be my own boss, run my own business and for years I've toyed with various "ideas" and I think I've finally found my thing. I've found an idea that I think comes naturally to me and wouldn't seem like work if I did it full time. The idea actually came to me 10 months ago and I'm slowly taking baby steps to get it up and running, but sometimes I'm time pressed or lack motivation to do a little more each day.  

What kicks me in the motivation butt is seeing online, similar businesses or ideas come intuition. I've stopped comparing my idea or myself against others, its such a negative and limiting way to live life. I'm learning to ignore negative or insecure thoughts that may actually restrict me from my full potential and possibilities. Instead I celebrate all my successes, even the small ones and find other people's success as motivation to get moving and to keep going. 

There are so many motivational quotes out there but these quotes I've pinned onto my Pinterest board and occasionally look back to, when I need some motivatation: 


How do you keep motivated and inspired doing something for you? 
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