4 Nov 2013

Monday Motivation

Being at home, sometimes the routine of home life can drain me out of any motivation and inspiration to do anything else. 

I've discovered/realised a new interest that I want to pursue further and potentially turn into something more. I'm naturally an impulsive person and a lifetime ago any new ideas that came into my head or hobbies I wanted to try out, I would pursue with determined motivation. But now with the demands of young children and running a home, its harder to put time into personal things. I constantly toss up between whether I should stay up late into the night working on my personal projects or get some rest ready for another full demanding day with two little people? I'm a believer of looking after yourself so I always opt for the latter option. 

What I love about smart phones is the ability to be online without having to be in front of an actual computer. I can multitask while I'm away from my laptop or more recently, while I nurse. One of the things I usual do when I'm stuck in one of those scenarios is to either get on Pinterest, Instagram and/or Twitter and do what I call snoop surfing. I snoop to see what people are liking, check out pin boards of those who have liked what I pinned and read trending tweets. Although I would usually categorise this habit as a waste of time, at times I come out of a "snooping" session feeling motivated and inspired. 

Why? Because I've discovered a new recipe I want to try, saw something pretty that caught my attention or more appropriately read about some small start up business.       

I've always said I wanted to be my own boss, run my own business and for years I've toyed with various "ideas" and I think I've finally found my thing. I've found an idea that I think comes naturally to me and wouldn't seem like work if I did it full time. The idea actually came to me 10 months ago and I'm slowly taking baby steps to get it up and running, but sometimes I'm time pressed or lack motivation to do a little more each day.  

What kicks me in the motivation butt is seeing online, similar businesses or ideas come intuition. I've stopped comparing my idea or myself against others, its such a negative and limiting way to live life. I'm learning to ignore negative or insecure thoughts that may actually restrict me from my full potential and possibilities. Instead I celebrate all my successes, even the small ones and find other people's success as motivation to get moving and to keep going. 

There are so many motivational quotes out there but these quotes I've pinned onto my Pinterest board and occasionally look back to, when I need some motivatation: 


How do you keep motivated and inspired doing something for you? 
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