26 Nov 2013

My Birthday Recap

A few weeks ago it was my birthday.

On my actual birthday we spent the day in the sun and by the water. I love being outdoors particularly the beach, and it was the perfect day for it too. The sun was shinning, it was warm but not the usual dry heat we had been experiencing a few weeks back. There was a cool breeze and the water was refreshing.

We had a late breakfast at The Boat House at Balmoral. I think its newly renovated because I recall coming to Balmoral when Eli was only 4-5 months old and the cafe didn't exist back then. I really liked this cafe. The ambiance was great, the food was delicious, great vibe to the place and of course the view of Balmoral is the biggest plus. It was very busy when we were here on a Thursday, despite the ample seating available, so I'd imagine weekends are crazy.

After breakfast we set up tent near the beach and spent the whole day there. Eli and I built sand castles, he played in the water with Ian and the boys took their afternoon naps in the shade. It was so relaxing. I wished we could do exactly what we did that day everyday.

That weekend Ian and I were suppose to have lunch with my sister and brother in law ... so I thought. Turns out it was a decoy as Ian had planned a little surprise get together with friends for my birthday. I was totally surprised. Surprised he could surprise me, I'm usually all over any suspicious activity and surprised by the turn out, I felt very loved. 

These last several weeks being on house arrest it has felt like groundhog day, where everyday feels like the last. The repetitiveness can feel like its never ending. The small but draining tasks are never recognised, so to get a few hours off and to be celebrated was welcoming to my spirit. Thanks everyone who came especially the hubby for an awesome effort. 

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