22 Nov 2013

The Curious Toddler

Lately, Eli's vocabulary comprises of "No"; "Why?" and "Mine" .... and its driving me nuts! 

What I find surprising about this stage in his development is, how much I sound like my dad in my responses, or how hard it actually is to come up with answers that you think a two year old would understand, or just even reasons for why things are just is. 

So here are some of the No! Why! and Mine! responses I wish I could say to my little curious toddler ....

"Why? Do you seem to only want my upmost attention when I'm actually trying to do something, but I could be doing nothing for hours and you don't need me?"

"Mine! My food. I'm eating the same thing but I've purposely tried to feed you first. Stop ruining my meal experience."

"Why? Do you always save your soiled nappy changes for when I'm finally eating or when I'm nursing or when I'm cooking dinner?"

"No! Stop climbing all over me it's freakin' annoying!"

"No! Mum doesn't go to the naughty corner." 

"Why? Can you finish a chocolate bar without force, but getting you to finish your lunch is so difficult?"

"Mine! Personal space. Can you stop following me into every room in the house I go into, climbing my back when I'm trying to eat, using my legs as a slide when I'm nursing, leaning up against me when I'm trying to fold the laundry."

"Why? Do you keep doing something I told you to stop doing, or do the opposite of what I say?"

"Mine! My phone, my stuff. Stop deleting, moving, drawing on, ripping apart, throwing across the room my limited items. You have a room full of your stuff to do that to."

"Why? Do you touch everything you're not suppose to, but won't touch the toys you've left on the hallway that I almost tripped over on?" 

I'm glad to say he's starting child care in a few weeks time. Just for two days a week ... it'll be good for both of us. 

Love you Eli, you smarty pants!


What "No, Why or Mine" saying do you wish you could say to your little one?
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