28 Nov 2013

What's In A Label?

Eli is about to start child care soon which he'll be attending twice a week. It'll be good for both of us. Good for him as it allows him to play and socialise with other children, and good for me as it will allow for some alone time for Kai and I.

Being new to the whole child care process, I had a million and one questions on the centre's procedures and care approach, but was also lost about what I needed to do or bring in preparation for my child to go to child care.

One of the things I will need to do is bring along a few personal items for my son to make his time there comfortable. So obviously personal property requires tagging everything so it doesn't get lost amongst other similar objects. And for me that means sourcing some personalised labels to stick onto his property.

There are various vendors online but the one I ended up choosing was Bright Star KidsI chose these guys mainly because they offered the specific products I was looking for; name labelled stickers that wont fall off and iron on name labels. Another factor as to why I chose Bright Star Kids was because they offered packs. So I was able to get various types and sizes of personalised labels I needed without paying for each one separately therefore being cost effective.

They also have other products you can personalise, such as stick on wall art and clothing, products such as children's bags in various sizes, cute storage solutions and products for organising the home. I love that when I created my label I could choose from an array of colours, a graphic to be included and choose from a few fonts.

I received my products about three days after I ordered them online and I excitedly tagged all the items Eli would be taking to child care. The stickers themselves are of great quality. Sticky, so it won't easily come off. Manageable, therefore able to stick on to any odd shaped surface. Durable, as I learnt from purposely trying to pull a sticker apart. And the printing ink was of high quality, plus they look really cool too.  

Preschool / Day Care Labels Kit

 Labelling all his personal belongings 

The iron on labels easy to stick onto any iron safe fabric

I'm pleased to be offering my readers a discount on all your orders between now and 28 February 2014!! So you can tag all your children's personal items in time for when school starts, or organise your pantry with some stick on labels. Enter promo code: FRIEND when you check out to receive a 10% discount on all your orders.  

Perfect Christmas gift for a little person starting child care or school or for anyone who wants to get organising.  

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