14 Nov 2013

It's My Birthday

Yep today is Cam's day! The one day I claim and accept to be the centre of attention, even if I rock your world for only 3 minutes as you think of me while you read this post. 

It's somewhat true what people say, you kinda stop counting after you reach a certain age. I accidentally once answered the age question with "twenty nine" in front of Ian. He almost gagged in laughter, but I really did forgot how old I was. Another thing people say is you're as young as you feel and I don't feel my age ... most days. 

So to celebrate Me and turning another year, I want to share 32 things people might not know about me ... 
  1. I'm left handed.
  2. I wear contacts or glasses (when I'm not wearing contacts). 
  3. I lived in Dubai for two years.
  4. When I'm not pregnant, I'm usually in basketball comps.  
  5. I can play the piano and base guitar.
  6. I was awarded a scholarship through the university I attended, so they paid for my first year of uni.  
  7. I have a fear of being locked inside a shop / shopping centre. I start to feel anxious when I'm at a shopping complex and I can see stores closing shop.
  8. I have this recurring dream ever since I was a child.
  9. I'm 5'9 or 171cm tall.   
  10. I have a sweet tooth and would choose a sweet dish over a savoury one any day.
  11. My first job was working at Hungry Jacks.
  12. Cappuccino is my coffee of choice.
  13. I love organising things.
  14. I lived in Queensland for 1 year.
  15. I love travelling and trying to see as much of the world as I can.
  16. I love reviewing things, places, restaurants, products - I like giving my opinion.
  17. With help, I've renovated a complete home. 
  18. My wardrobe mostly has pretty dresses and skinny jeans.
  19. I exercise / work out almost everyday, even on holidays, even when I was pregnant - it's a way of life for me.   
  20. I hate ironing.
  21. I prefer reality shows than tv series.
  22. I'm particular about how things should be done ... control freak!
  23. I'm a walking GPS.
  24. I plan everything onto excel spreadsheets and add formulas and macros where required.
  25. I have nice penmanship. 
  26. I like to keep busy, I think doing nothing is wasting time.
  27. I purchased my first home at age 24.
  28. I read the newspaper (hard or soft copy) everyday.
  29. I get sea sick almost every time I get on a boat.
  30. I have this OCD behaviour where I never finish the last corner bite of a sandwich.
  31. I love Japanese food.
  32. I'm allergic to aspirin.
As I reflect on the past year and how much God has blessed me with, I'm completely grateful. But this new year 32, I'm claiming to be my year. My year of .... just unimaginable greater things that will happen for me, I don't know what it is but I'm expectant. 
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