18 Apr 2016

Things to do in Singapore with Children

We recently travelled to Singapore with the boys. Why Singapore you ask, why not Singapore? I've heard it's such a clean place, and that's a rare reputation for an Asian country. Honestly, the reason why we decided on Singapore was based on a promotion on cheap flights.

We decided to spend a decent amount of time there, not having been there ourselves before, and wanting to really experience the place. Plus travelling with young children we accept we need to add some "contingency days" to any overseas holiday we go on. And one of my best friends lives there now so any excuse to hang out with her is an added bonus.

11 Apr 2016

March In Review

Oh Hi! How are you? Long time no ... post.

I draft so many unfinished posts which I never get around to finishing so I'm hardly ever posting. If you follow my Instagram account (@genymum) I'm more active there.

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, and I realise March is a little late. But I had drafted this post a few weeks ago and I want to actually publish something, it's been over a month since I did. 

So here's my March in review

I love spending time with my boys. Yes I am at home with them but when you're so focused on trying to run a business from home it's so easy to ... be distracted. Sometimes I think, 'They don't notice I'm on my phone' but they do. I'm always reminding myself to enjoy them as they are now, cause they won't always be this little and sweet.

I entered the CrossFit Opens again this year. I was hesitant entering because I haven't been in the best form the past few weeks. I'm still going to the box 2-3 times a week but I haven't been pushing myself, I'm just turning up to get a workout. I was sharing this sentiment with the owner of the box I go to and he was saying it's totally understandable. When you start up a new business so you're so focused on that right now that everything else takes a bit of a back seat, even he can relate. Every year as he takes on opportunities to grow the box, it takes up his time to be in the box, as a result he has become less fitter ... which is ironic. It was reassuring to hear that it's human not to be the best at everything you do all the time. Overall I think I did okay in the Opens. There were a few open workouts I think I could have gotten better results if I reattempted it before the cut off times, but that's the problem with always doing them on Monday instead of the weekend before.

The annual Easter hat parade at the boy's daycare centre. Last year was our first experience of this whole hat parade business, and what we learnt was the effort of the hat itself is not really a big deal. So this year I let the boys create their hats themselves. I purchased decorations to create the hat but I let them put it together themselves. It was actually a really stressful process for someone like me who has control issues. Firstly the mess, it was out of control within 3 minutes. There were fluffy balls, feathers, and paper everywhere. Secondly because I am not an arts and crafts person I don't have three pairs of everything, so defusing fights over the glue, scissors and who wanted the purple fluffy ball over the 100 other purple fluffy balls, was enough driving me nuts. Lastly, it took a lot of self control to stop myself from taking over and creating the hats myself. I had to physically move away ... I just couldn't deal.

March was full of celebrations for us. There's my nephew's 1st birthday, my God-son's 2nd birthday, a wedding and of course Easter.

We headed to Singapore for a family holiday. More on that in a future post ..

All these images are from my Instagram account, are you on Instagram? What's your handle name, comment below. I like stalking, I mean following new people.

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