24 Aug 2012

Holiday Count Down

Our big European adventure is around the corner. In five days time Ian and I are finally taking our European holiday ... and without the little guy.

We're both very excited but I'm also a little nervous. I'm nervous about being away from my baby with sever allergies for so long. Yes of course this was all our choice. No one forced us to go on this holiday and we decided to go without him because Europe is our dream holiday, for mum (more so) and dad. 

Europe is our little reward from the sale of my property. Its a little present for ourselves for all those years of paying a mortgage before most people had a mortgage. It's our little splurge from our investment instead of blowing all our disposable income on things we could have purchased at the time.

We're flying into London first, meeting up with Miss S and Mr E. It will be pretty cool to see them after so many months. I think its best to say I need to get my liver ready for one big week in London. I'm also ready to do my part for the UK economy and do some serious shopping, considering I do all of my shopping online from UK sites. Afterwards we're off to Paris for a week. I'm glad we decided to stay in each country for a week so we can really enjoy the location and not feel rushed to do everything in a short period of time (although I still think a week is not long enough in all these places). In Paris we're even booked for a macaroon cooking class. After Paris we're off to Florence then Rome, Crete then finally Santorini. So technically I will be at Santorini in my 30's which is what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. 

I can't wait to see all these beautiful places I've been lusting over for years and eat everything! Leading up to this holiday I was trying to work out as much as possible (probably more than I ever have in the past) so that my body is fit and bikini ready, on top of being able to eat everything. By the way my body is not bikini ready, I just said that.

Need to pack ... I don't know what to bring?

18 Aug 2012

Eli's 1st Birthday

It's been over a month since I last posted on here. 

As I have mentioned previously I'm really bad at committing to write in a blog. I forget all about it and when I do want to blog its nothing blog worthy (in my opinion) just some random thoughts I want to take note of, because when/if I re read those comments later on I know what I'm referring to. Surely there must be an app where I can take notes of my random thoughts especially when I'm on the go.

So since my last post my little man turn into a bigger little man and had his first birthday. I can't believe he's 1! I can't believe its been a year since I popped him out ... naturally and in 25mins.

His superheroes themed birthday party was really cute with most children guests rocking up in costume. We hired a ball pit and a jumping castle which was smart idea as it allowed parents to put their kids in a gated area leaving their arms free to at least ate. My sisters decorated the venue to match the theme and sister I was the hostess with the mostess in charge of the games. Food wise it was a filo style menu with filo spaghetti, spring rolls, fried chicken, sweet bread and letchon. He received so many gift and people once again were so generous in their giving. He really is loved and we are so grateful for such wonderful people in his life.

And he can walk now too ... He started walking a month prior to his birthday

Our super little man ... 
Happy 1st Birthday Elijah, you changed our world and also the center of it. Mummy and Daddy love you so much
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