17 Jun 2016

Gen-Y Mum Blog

It's funny when you're not posting as frequently you start to lose your confidence in your writing. I frequently come to my blog desktop and start a new post. I usually blog when there are things are on my mind, and it's not always the heavy stuff either. I've got draft posts about the boys, draft posts on things I've been angry about, draft posts on successes, failures and stuff that's been going on personally. I have so many unfinished posts but as the time between posts grows longer I get more hesitant to finish and publish. 

I get worried about how personal it may be. I made a decision a few years back that my blog content would be less about us personally and more about experiences. I am very well aware of the dangers of putting too much information about yourself or your children online, so a few years back I changed the direction of the topics and content I wrote about. But it's more natural for me to write about personal experiences so I find myself creating more content about my personal life. 

I get worried I would offend people. Like giving my opinions on subjects such as parenting, business, friendships, and marriage that some might not agree with. I recently shared a blog post written by someone else about the dark side of parenting. Someone commented that it was horrible. I wasn't sure what she meant by her comment as I was too scared to probe her for more, but I think that was my first troll-er and that kinda surprised me. The past twelve months there's also been big shifts in my world. I don't know if it's the next phase in life, life as a business owner or simply because I've evolved. I've wanted to share those stories but feared it may upset people. 

I get worried it's not good enough. I remember getting semi-serious about blogging, (which was when I started telling people my blog existed about 4 years ago) and reading somewhere that blogging in Australia then was still very much in its infancy compared to countries like the States. In the past six months alone I sense "blogging" has kind of exploded with so many new faces on the scene who are dominating the industry. I also decided way back my blog wasn't about making money but I still want to publish quality posts that people will want to read and share. I have doubts about my unpublished posts that they are not good enough to be seen by other people. 

I get worried it won't get read. I should stop worrying about posting when really I should worry about whether anyone will actually read it. I like to keep stats of my posts and the past few posts haven't done that well compared to when I was posting frequently. No one wants to read about what to do in Singapore with kids unless they're actually planning to go there in the near future. 

So where does this all leave me? 

I attended a social media workshop hosted by a blogger who use to blog, who also then closed her Facebook account cause it distracted her from the real work she needed to do on social media. Each to their own, but I did think 'How can you call yourself a social media novice if you've turned off social media from your life?' Sure she's still very much involved in social media cause she lives it through her clients, but I've always said its hard to take advice from someone who hasn't or doesn't experience it.

And blogging is very much part of my me and my business. So expect some personal stories, some rants, opinions, kids spam and hopefully a layout revamp in the near future posts. So advance warning, sorry if I offend, if the content is crap and or if you don't agree with me, but I've been holding back from my little space for far too long.  
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