21 Jun 2016

Gen-Y Mum Update

I mentioned previously there have been some shifts in my world lately. Ok that statement sounds so grand. I think as we get older and we form regular routines any small change are big shifts to our world, and that's what I really mean. 

Firstly, I've been suffering from something I've been try so hard to hide ... psoriasis. I've been dealing with really itchy skin for a long period of time now. It's gotten to the point where it is every where and I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I remember getting ready for a kids party I had was taking the boys to and looking at myself in the mirror, seeing the scars and I almost didn't want to leave the house. It definitely affected my confidence not wanting to interact with people. I'm finally getting treatment which is slowly repairing the damage it has done. It's still early days of treatment to try and control this condition. Adult psoriasis is hardly spoken about. I spent so many hours researching into what I had, "home treatments" to manage it and understanding what could be causing it. The worrying probably didn't help my condition either. 

We've been thinking about what we're going to do about our permanent living arrangement. I've mentioned previously our current home was always purchased under the assumption it was going to be an investment, but life doesn't always plan out exactly as you imagine it to be. So we've been talking amongst ourselves, talking to our broker, talking to agents, talking to parents, talking to our family and weighing out options. We've got some big decisions to make. 

The business has shifted ... actually, it's become more precise in its direction. I've decided to focus on particular industries which at the time I thought may be limiting but so far has worked out for the best. It kind of felt like I was starting again initially but because I'm clearer in who I want to target the work has come easier. The business has also put me in situations to things I didn't foresee I would experience, or maybe I was just too wide eye optimistic about everything at the start. Several months on I've felt the hurt and disappointment of losses, rejections, and betrayal. 

CrossFit keeps me sane and I've started playing basketball again. It's been 3 years since I've played and I can really feel the difference as I've aged. I'm trying to ignore thoughts of high expectations on myself and to just enjoy playing again. 

And lastly the boys ... well that's a separate post. They've changed so much since my last detailed post about them. Their characters and personalities are becoming more evident and individual. They crack me up, they make me so mad at times and they test every skill I possess as a human, but I'm so grateful I get to share this season of their life with them.

Enough about me, so how are you? How's things? What has been keeping you preoccupied lately? 

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