7 Jul 2016

Review of Marina Bay Sands Hotel - is it really worth it?

One does not travel to Singapore and not visit the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Hopefully one gets to stay there to experience the hotel, in particular, the infinity pool as this is the only way you will get to swim in it, or even get close to the pool unless you're a staying guest. This actually works in favour of guests as there are so many people visiting the famous hotel. There are bars and a few restaurants at the top, as well as an observatory deck all open to the general public.

Firstly upon arrival the bellhop (is that what they're called?) were so efficient. They knew it was too early for us to check in but took our luggage, gave us a ticket and told us to come back at 3pm to check in and hand the same ticket back and someone will bring our bags to our room.

I booked Marina Bay Sands Hotel through a third party website and a few days prior I was emailed to say I could upgrade our room for a city view for an extra $50 per night. I wasn't sure if that was a great offer but did find it humorous that the city view was more expensive than the harbour view. Usually, it's the other way around right?

The room was spacious I give it that. Inside the bedroom area, there was a bed, desk table, television entertainment unit, and a small sitting chair. You were able to open the large windows which lead you to a small balcony area. We had views of the harbour had views of Gardens by the Bay which was really pretty when the lights come on at night.

The bathroom was also spacious with a large bath tub, double vanity sinks, huge shower area, and separate toilet.

Everyone who was staying at the hotel gets a card key, even the children. So every person needs to have a card key with them to swipe themselves in and out of the pool area as well as access the lifts to their room floor.

Besides the pool, gym, restaurants, spa and viewing deck the hotel doesn't really offer anything else. I can not stress how busy this hotel is. There is no direct access to Gardens by the Bay from inside the hotel. Everyone has to exit, figure out how to get to level 1 to access the pedestrian pathway to cross over to the gardens. Mind you this same pathway cuts through the hotel, however, there is no access to it directly from inside the hotel.

The closest MRT station is also a little tricky. On the MRT map, you can see a station called Marina Bay so you assume that's the closest station to the hotel. However if you access the MRT via the underground shops the closest station is actually Downtown.

So after staying here for two nights is it really worth it? I think if you're really keen to get that famous infinity pool photo book one night. That is all you're really paying for anyways.

Have you stayed at Marina Bay Sands? What are your thoughts on the hotel?
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