3 Jan 2014

2013 In Review

As you get older it seems the years really do just zoom past. It doesn't feel that long ago I was reviewing my 2012 new year's resolution and writing 2013 one's.

At this time of the year I like to look back on the resolutions I made last year and reflect on whether I achieved them during the twelve months, then I like to make new one's for the new year. Sometimes I keep a previous year's resolution or I tweak it to fit the person I've become since I made it.

So here were my 2013 resolutions:

Change my eating habits. Eat healthier and minimise sugar intake. Minimise eating pre-packaged foods and learn to cook basic stuff from scratch.
I'm still working on this one. In our household we have slightly improved our eating habits. We eat little to hardly any rice, there's less junk food and less wastage. But I'm not going to lie we do give into the junk food temptation. I cook almost every night which I prefer doing. I'm no Nigella nor do I whip up any restaurant looking meals. Just quick, easy and healthy dinners. I have learnt to make a few basic stuff instead of buying it pre-made like pastries, garlic sauce, pies, cookies, ribs, pasta, curries and salad dressings. The sugar component is one I've neglected and will aim to improve on in 2014.

Tone my temple.
This was hard to maintain in 2013 as I was pregnant for most of the year, but 2014 is the year. It's not about being a certain weight but being comfortable and confident in my own skin.  

Study appropriate course for my next career move.
I've enrolled into a course via correspondence but now I feel it's not the career direction I want to get into anymore. However I've already paid for this course and I hate wasting money or not completing things I've started, so I plan to still finish this course. End of the day it'll be another accreditation to add to the resume, if I do decide to go back to the industry I previously worked in.

Take up a new hobby 
Can say this resolution was never even attempted. I was too preoccupied and or restricted to start anything new. In 2014 I don't know if a hobby is something I want to start. I was to utilise my spare time into more effective tasks. 

Not be afraid to take more chances.
Last year I used being pregnant as an excuse to take any risks. And now I'm noticing I'm using the whole "I have two young children to look after" as my new excuse. I don't want to waste another year making excuses, not taking more risks. This year I want to step out of my comfort zone, see what I am capable of and really test my capabilities. 

Really understand Eli's allergies
Still a work in progress. We're still trying to understand the source and boundaries of his conditions. I've stopped making a separate meal for him now so he eats what we eat. The outcomes have its pros and cons. Pro's less time in the kitchen making two meals, cons he's more fussier about the food. We've also exposed him to some of the foods he's allergic to to see what kind of affect it has on him. He's getting some wheat, cow's milk, soy and seafood in his diet. Eggs he still has severe reactions to and nuts ... well, we don't want to risk it.

Plan for baby number two.
Planned and completed ... that's how efficient I was with this resolution ... ha, yeh right! Now to look at family planning options.

Stop over analysing and just be me.
I think I'm slowly taking control of this paralysing and toxic behaviour. When I feel a bit of envy or start comparing, I ignore the enemy and be grateful. I stop looking at things or people that make me feel insecure and I celebrate every success, even the small ones. Isn't it odd that we're happy and celebrate when friends their joys and successes, yet we don't give ourselves enough credit when we complete even the small achievements. Such as losing one kilo, potty training your child or baking your child's birthday cake. I've learnt this year to be grateful and to celebrate even the small things.

I may have ticked or not ticked a few items from last year's resolutions list but there were a few other things I learnt and achieved during the year. In line with the whole "celebrating even the smallest success" I want to acknowledge them. Other 2013 success include: 
  • Be at home with my babies. An opportunity not a lot of mothers can have. Being at home I've been able to nurture my boys and watch them grow at such a precious period in their lives. And because I am at home I should take some credit for Eli's amazing development, Kai's healthy appearance and how great in general these boys are. 
  • Identify the business concept I want to pursue. For years I've always wanted to start my own business and I've always said I don't know what it would be. This year I realised what it is I just need to go for it! I'm also not worried about whether my idea is already done or may be duplicated. I've actually accepted and made peace with that. And that's why I want to actually pursue it because I'm not afraid. 
  • Fourth year wedding anniversary. Can't believe we've been married for four years. We've had highs and lows and navigating through this parenting journey has been easier because of Ian. He's so patient ... he's such an a great dad. 
  • Giving birth to our second son, Kai. That amazing (and scary) birth experience.  
  • Grateful and surprised at how well Eli has welcomed and accepted his baby brother into our family. There was no adjustment period no jealousy, he instantly knew he had to share us with his new brother. Since the birth of Kai his vocabulary, imagination and personality has exploded ten folds.
  • Finally getting Eli to sleep through out the night in his own room, in his own bed, unassisted. 
  • Go on our first overseas family holiday. We were fortunate to go to Hawaii for two and a half weeks. 
  • Blessed to have the opportunity to upsize the family car to meet our growing family needs. And also grateful we were able to finally sell the previous car. 
  • I turned 32.
  • This blog has grown with more frequent hits. I've had opportunities to share a few things on here, (besides my life) that is aligned to the business direction I'm heading.
  • Eli starting childcare. At this point we're still adjusting to the change but grateful he's been able to get a spot.
  • God's provision on our growing family. Although we're on one salary I'm never worried about money. There are moments I fear the unknown, but God has really looked after us and blessed us beyond what I thought we deserved.  
So that's my 2013 successes in review. I'd love to hear how you faired against your resolutions or or what were some of your small successes in 2013.
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