28 Jan 2014

Hello 2014!

This first month of 2014 feels like it's flown but at the same time it's been slow. Ian's holidays have come and pretty much gone now. Those six weeks literally flew and we used the time to do pretty much nothing relatively interesting except bond with the boys and tick off a few boring "grown up" stuff. 

Leading up to and during his time off we talked about doing more of this and that or going away even, but the boys schedules always trumped over any plans we may have had. There were many other reasons such as the organisation required to even just get out the door and the weather also played a factor as we didn't want our babies suffering in the outside heat.

Despite not really doing much I think we still managed to get a lot done, mostly the home stuff we all want to do but never get around to doing cause our free time gets eaten up by outings and engagements. Like doing your taxes, seeing the dentist, fixing the garden, auditing paper files, updating your blog layout ... really tedious stuff.

The boys loved having daddy around too. I sense Eli has grown closer to Ian especially during the potty training experience. Ian really took the lead on this one. He had the patience and persistence. I think I scared Eli so he trusted his dad more during this experience. Kai must've had a ball having dad around cause there was always someone to hold him. However the down side to this is now he expects to be held all the time, even when he sleeps. We're actually having a hard time with this and trying to correct it now before it gets worse. I'll more than likely blog about it later on. 

With the first month almost over I realised I haven't made my 2014 resolutions yet. A part of me kind of didn't want to declare any, as I kind of know what they are and don't need to be written down to be reminded of them. I'm going back to the basics this year and focusing on a few things instead of having a list of resolutions. So what are they?

1. Utilising idle time. It's not about being better at time management but not wasting spare time on time wasting tasks. I know I'm already time pressed yet I noticed when I do have a spare 30-60 minutes I'm not really utilising it effectively. I heard something that really struck a cord with me when I attended a business workshop recently, that sometimes we don't accomplish all we want to do because we manage our time poorly. I guess I just want to be improve and master this skill this year.

2. Complete my course.

3. Focus and grow my business. I want this year to be the time I whole heartedly attempt to start my own business. I'm not distracted by other forms of work so this is my opportunity to give it a real shot, no more excuses.

4. Be good to me. I'm not specifying a goal in regards to this resolution. What I mean by be good to me isn't limited to my body or food or lifestyle, it's about making better choices everyday. 

And that's my 2014 so far. 

How has the first month of the year been for you? 
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