1 Feb 2014

January Review

My first month of 2014 in images via Instagram
Key Dates this month were:
  • 3/01 That time of the year again ... revisiting our family budget. Something we should all be doing frequently, is like a blue print to where your money is going. I've blogged previously my tips on how to start and maintain a budget.
  • 5/01 We started the toilet training Eli. Overall I think we were lucky Eli picked it up easily. Sure we still have the occasional accident and yes we still put a nappy on him over night, but I couldn't be more proud of my son to have learned something relatively straight away.
  • 18/01 The constant hot weather meant lots of time avoiding the heat and finding alternative ways to cool down. Eli was gifted an inflatable pool over Christmas and it was the perfect time to use it. 
  • 22/01 Kai turned four months. 
  • 24/01 Our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We spent the most of the day children-less, eating meals without being disturbed or rushing, having a bit of a boogy to end the night and some dancing too (see what I did there ;) ). It was the year of gift vouchers. We all get given them and having busy lives, or in my case being a mother to two children under three, we forget about them and eventually does not get used. So this wedding anniversary we claimed as many as we could and the day was relatively easy on our pocket because of it. Thank you to people who have been so generous in the past and allowed us to have a memorable day and stay. We also headed over to Marble Bar on our anniversary night and to our surprise Brown Sugar, the same band that we had at our wedding was playing. We managed to catch the lead singer, Lady Lyric at the hotel lobby and tell her she sang at our wedding 5 years ago that day and snag a photo. 
  • 25/01 Australia Day.
  • 27/01 New layout for the blog goes live.
  • 30/01 My sister turned 30 and she threw a beautiful soirĂ©e at The Bar at the End of the Wharf at Walsh Bay. It was a perfect setting for her party with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and North Sydney. 

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