22 Feb 2014

Kai ... 5 Months

My baby Kai ....

You finally laughed. And it was kuya that made you laugh. You thought his innocent "Boo!" was the funniest thing you've ever seen. Ian thinks he's heard him laugh before ... but I don't think it was like the way he laughed at his kuya.

You want to put everything in your mouth. Your hand, my hand. You lunged forward at my ice cream and I let you have a few awkward sloppy sucks ... you loved it. You still however are not inclined to the dummy but that's fine with us. And because you love putting things in your mouth you're always drooling and we go through so many outfit changes and bibs.

You don't fit in the car capsule or your pram bassinet anymore. We've swapped them for more appropriately sized options for awhile now. You're so solid and big. I love it! At your four month immunisation you weighed 7.1kg you little fatty! Keep growing I love that there's so much of you to hold.

You slowly move around the house on your walker. You fit in kuya's old walker, so we put you on there when we need to put you down somewhere we can see you. You are entranced by all the sounds it makes and suck on the various handles. And because your feet touch the ground, you're able to move around and sometimes you surprises us when we find you at the other end of the room.

You love your kuya Eli. You're always looking for him and when you hear him speak you stop. When you see him you're fixed onto him. When he accidentally hits or sits on you, you never cry. When he attempts to make you laugh you smile. He is far more interesting than I. I know you adore your kuya and he adores you too.

You have some separation anxiety issues with me. Even if daddy is holding you and you catch a glimpse of me you start to cry and do your sad face. When we're together you're fine as long as you can see me but as soon as you can't the water works begin. I hope this will be a short phase.
Side note: such a different experience with Eli. Eli would go to anyone when he was a baby, even now we jump into elevators or go into shops and he'll say hi to randoms. He is such a confident kid while Kai shows signs of a more sensitive spirit. This is what they mean by each child is different. 
You're so alert. You will look at the direction of the smallest sound or dimmest light. You jump when I raise my voice to call out to your brother. You will watch what I watch like you understand it and you always seem to be looking for something or someone. 

You're a chatter box. You have been quite early on but now the volume and frequency has increased. I swear I think you're singing along in the car when the music is on.

You get mad at me. When I've left you to cry for too long and after I pick you up, you avoid eye contact with me. I turn you towards me and you turn away. Wonder if this a sign of things to come? Cause it reminds me of someone.

You look so much like you're dad when he was the same age. The resemblance is so uncanny. 

Sometimes I look at you and think 'When did you grow?'. As much as I wish you weren't so fragile I also wish I could keep you as a baby forever. 

Love you baby Kai. 

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