19 Dec 2013

Life With Kai

So I realised I haven't really blogged about the newest addition to our family home in .... ever, except his birth story.
As in, poured my heart on this blog over how much love I have for him or how humbling his little life has made me feel. It's not that he hasn't triggered those emotions out of me, I've just been too caught up juggling life with two to take the time to do so. Also, up until this week he's been a .... very pleasant and non eventful newborn. For his first weeks of life he was very content to just eat, sleep and poop and it's only now that he's a little more alert, therefore a little more interesting.

Now that's he's interacting more I've noticed Kai loves to chat. After he's had a satisfying feed he'll latch off and will want to have a conversation with me. He looks right into my eyes like he's looking deep into my soul and mind reading all the thoughts of love I'm thinking as I look at him. He will flash me his dimpled contagious smile, as if he's understood every thought. Then roll his eyes to the side as if he's embarrassed to have read my thoughts. 

Kai is an observer. I can put him in his rocker and as long as he can see me or someone he's a happy camper. He'll peer over the counter and watch me cook or watchfully follow his kuya play back and forth in the room. He finds his older brother very interesting. He does get bored of being an observer after awhile, and will make a noise or moves his whole body about to remind you that he's there. 

Kai can yell. Admittedly he cries more than Eli did. Obviously with two small children one has to cry sometimes, and it's usually Kai unfortunately. After a period of time if he doesn't get the attention he wants his cries will revert to screams. Literally screams, like when you've been freaked out by something scary. 

Kai hates the dummy but loves to suck. We've tried various dummies but he spits each one out and gags when you try to force him to take the dummy. He will instead wriggle around until he finds a skin surface where he can lick and suck, as a result I've got hickies on my arms. This also means he's not inclined to the bottle very much and prefers to fall asleep on the boob.

Kai loves to eat. His weight and size is probably the best evidence of this. He may not look like he's that big but when you carry him, you really feel his weight. He's the epitome of the term 'big boned'. He's long, he's cubby, he's half the size of Eli, he's a little fatty .... I love it!! Every time I look at him I just grind my teeth, holding myself back from squeezing him.

Kai loves to be held ... all. the. time ... unfortunately. The last few weeks I've noticed he prefers to be held even when he's sleeping, which is fine if you only have one child to look after. He wants to be held a certain way and gets irritated if he's held lying horizontal. Because of his weight though I find my back and neck hurts after I've held him for too long. 

So that's life with Kai right now. He's going to be three months old on Sunday. Those three months flew. I wish they can stay this small forever.

We love you baby K'hi

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