22 Apr 2012

Eli's First Plane Ride

Work needed to send me to Melbourne for a few days. I had to run some workshops with various business stakeholders and gather some requirements.

So since I only work Monday's to Thursday's and I was going to be in Melbourne from Wednesday to Thursday we decided to take advantage of my long weekends and extend my stay in Melbourne up until the weekend and have Ian and Eli join me. 

I flew on Wednesday morning therefore I was alone for the first time in almost 10 months. I was even in another state meaning I should get the best sleep I could ask for. Instead I was uneasy and missed my boys too much. My body clock kicked in and I ended up waking at 5.30am anyways. 

Ian had the unfortunate task of getting himself and Eli to Melbourne. Fortunately it is only an hour flight and despite my fears I think Eli was alright. He was unsettled but more because he hates sitting still now. 

Our first trip as a family was ... in my opinion not too bad. Yes the whole time was a never ending 'tag team' relay but you get on with it and if you work together to plan it all out its really not that bad. I think the hardest part is getting him to sit in his stroller for long periods of time but once forced in and he realised he's in there for the long haul, he'd cave in and sleep.    

Overall we had a good time in Melbourne. It was good to get away as a family to test the water for future holiday's. Can't wait to take our son out to more exciting locations.

Eli enjoying the view in our hotel apartment

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