4 Apr 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

It was J&S’s wedding on the weekend. It was a beautiful and perfect day – I don’t think SSL could have asked for a more wonderful day. I was really surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the day. I don’t know why? I think because I got the impression that SSL had done little to nothing in preparation for the wedding so I had (slack to admit it) but low expectations for the big day. Boy was I wrong. She had put a lot of effort into the smallest detail and everything was well thought of and beautiful.

Also the wedding was a small intimate affair with only their closest family and friends. The venue, which was only locked in 4 months ago, was beautiful and lovely. The surrounding garden seemed incorporated into the function room so it felt like it was an extension of the room and the food was above par and offered large servings.

I gave a speech which I hope articulated exactly how I feel about the bride. I started preparing for the speech the week of the wedding and was struggling to come up with anything because I was so nervous. Luckily no one else came prepared, well everyone else winged it but everyone’s speech was heart felt and well delivered. I think because everyone spoke from the heart and being in front of close friends it wasn’t hard to just say what you wanted to say.

SSL looked beautiful and timeless – just like she wanted to look. Her dress amazingly made and suited her to a tee. I would describe her look as elegant, classy and womanly. I loved how JM wore a different colour suite to the boys. I wish Ian did that at our wedding so he stood out from the groomsmen. He looked really handsome and smart – especially since he had lost so much weight leading up to the wedding. I thought it was suppose to be the bride who loses weight?!

The bridal party well … what can I say? We scrubbed up well. Our dresses ended up really complimenting the theme – I sound like I had serious doubts about the wedding. I think I'm just impressed by wedding ideas and themes I wouldn’t have considered.  

I couldn’t have wished a more beautiful day for a beautiful couple.
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