28 Sep 2012

We're Back

I'm back from our big European adventure ... booo *sad face*

But yay back with our little man whom we totally missed while we were away. There wasn't a day that I didn't say out loud "I miss Eli!!" or watched one of his videos to get me through the day. He's ... changed so much ... but more on that later.

I want to put some time into writing about my holiday so that in I in a few years time I can recall the moments and experiences with all its detail. So give me a few days or weeks (depending on how lazy I get recounting my adventure) to write in thorough detail about the experiences of our long awaited holiday across Europe.

Our itinerary included:

London (view of the London Eye, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament)

Paris (Eiffel Tower)

 Florence (The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore)

Rome (The Colosseum) 

Crete (beach from Candia Maris Resort & Spa) and

Santorini (view from our suite at Aliko Suites)

All images taken by me with my iPhone.

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