10 Jul 2014


They say 70% of jobs aren't advertised, it's who you know these days. So I created a LinkedIn account. Why? I don't really know ... cause I don't really know when I want to go back to work and what I want to do either.

I keep changing my mind from go back to my previous professional life (and probably hating it); starting my own business; doing something totally different; and or studying. My over confident self tells me I could do it all ... but my reality time pressed self reminds me to choose ... something.

I actually avoided creating a LinkedIn account for years. I had this fear that people might judge my past experiences. That those I make connections with will look through my work history and doubt what I had put in there. I don't know why? I would never lie about my experience ... maybe embellish on somethings but who doesn't do that? No one is going to toot your own horn for you, you got to do it yourself - something I learnt during my career.

Another reason why I haven't created an account is because I don't really make work friends. Don't get me wrong, I do befriend people I work with, but once I move on I don't keep in contact with them. I always get stuck in teams where I'm the odd one out, whether it's I'm the only female, the youngest, the asian or (previously) didn't have children. So of course since we don't really have anything in common, the friendships don't last once I or they have moved on. There's only been two jobs in my whole working history that I maintained the friendships I made at that place of employment. So now with LinkedIn where I have to "connect" with past fellow employees I feel kinda ... weird. 

Then there's the people I worked closely with but dislike. What if they see I'm connected with someone we both worked with but we're not connected? 

To me your work is personal. I know it's just a place we're paid to do a particular task over and over again, but we spend so much time at work and what I do with my time is personal. Another reason why I feel it's personal is because I can admit I am different at work. I have mentioned previously I am naturally quiet, but at work I'm not so quiet. I know I can be passionate about my opinions and decisions when I'm at work - its just part of the job. I need to be able to take in information, recommend, influence and negotiate - and that's just the skills I need to deal with people everyday. 

I've dealt with difficult stakeholders and team members who I don't agree with. I've gotten positive and constructive criticism thorough out my career. And although I don't think I've ever burned bridges where I worked, as I make connections with past colleagues on LinkedIn, I can't help wonder what's their last impression of me and my work.

And where can you change the privacy / security settings? Is it not like Facies where you can put your account on maximum security setting, so people who you're not connected with can't see details of your profile. I'm already getting spammed by recruiters. I don't like that 'Who's Viewed Your Profile' setting I can't stalk ... well I can, but then they'll know .. ha ha

And does my profile pic have to be me in a suit like everyone else? ha ha

I shared these thoughts with my sister and she thinks I'm over analysing LinkedIn. I can't help it. It's in my nature ... its what I use to do for a living.

Are you on LinkedIn? What are your thoughts on it? Is it useful in finding roles or just another tool we can use to snoop on other people?
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