25 Aug 2014

11 Years

Today is Ian and I's anniversary since we started dating. That was 11 years ago and no we don't celebrate it anymore. We were only reminded of this event because a reminder popped up in an email. 

I don't usually talk about my husband in great detail in this blog. Again because its personal and I don't really want to share that side of my life online but to celebrate this milestone here are 11 things about us.

1. We met in high school when we were fifteen years of age, dated for a year and broke up. We crossed paths again in our early twenties and flames rekindled.

2. Ian was my first serious boyfriend and first love. 

3. How Ian proposed to me was he pretended to have won a prize at work. That prize was a sea plane out to Cottage Point Inn for lunch. He didn't propose there like he thought he would as he was nervous and was waiting for the right moment to do it, instead he did it afterwards.

4. Ian's the more patient, relaxed, calm partner between us, I am the opposite. Ian is book smart, I'm street smart. I'm always optimistic in ever situation, Ian can get frazzled when he's in unfamiliar situations.

5. I took Ian as my partner to my year 10 formal and he took me to his. 

6. I know I was pretty daggy in high school, so much so that Ian thought I was an exchange student who just arrived to Australia when he first saw me. When he makes fun of girls who look "fresh off the boat" I usually respond in a joke stating that that's his type anyways. 

7. Secretly our song is really "I want you back" by NSync and when we hear it on the radio we sing and dance to it like we're groupies. 

8. First present he ever gave me was an engraved bracelet.

9. Our first date which was a movie, I think it was Jerry Maguire, was a flop. I had to leave before the movie started cause I had to get home at an agreed time with my mum. I lied about who I was meeting up with (because I wasn't aloud to have a boyfriend) and she was suspicious, so she gave me a short window of time to be out. 

10. Our birthday's are only 5 days apart.

11. Ian's the sensitive one, I'm a little more thick skinned. I'm impulsive, he assesses risks before making decisions. Ian's more considerate, I lose my patience easily. 

Happy anniversary Sweetheart. Look at what we've shared and have since we started our union. Thank you for making my every wish come true. I love you even more seeing you as an amazing father to our children. You're a great example to our boys on how to be a gentlemen by the way you treat and love me. 

Circa 2003 - Harbourlife

 Circa 2004

Circa 2005 - Fiji
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