7 Apr 2015

Wiggles Concert

A few weeks ago I took the boys to a Wiggle's concert. Like most kids between the ages of two to five, the boys love them! As soon as they hear the opening song on tv, they stop whatever they're doing and are hypnotised by these five singing and dancing adults, and their group of merry friends.

We watched them locally as they were touring, hosting several concerts in various parts of Sydney, running a few shows a day, so the shows were a little more intimate.

The boys seemed to have enjoyed themselves. As soon they saw Anthony, Simon, Lachy and Emma came onto the stage they were once again frozen. I guess they were so surprised to see their favourite characters live, so it took awhile for them to start participating.

I also enjoyed myself. Those Wiggles know how to entertain a crowd and had a good mix of story telling, crowd participation and a few jokes even a parent found funny. Lots of jokes and innuendo made about Emma and Lachy's now publicly announced relationship.

Who's your child's favourite Wiggle? 

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