3 Jul 2012

A Rock & A Hard Place

The project I'm on is expected to go live next month. So work has gotten really busy and demanding lately. I'm not really complaining, its expected working in projects.

I've been working on the same application since I commenced my employment. Same system just rolled out to another country. It's not that challenging anymore and I'm keen to learn something else and work with someone else besides the Project Manager who has been working on the same projects as well.

I don't agree with how this person runs or "manages" projects. Yes she completes the project but I think the quality of the outcome to me falls short in most areas. She focuses on components of the project which I think are trivial or in my opinion below what she should be worrying about. She deflect any responsibility of issues and rarely suggest solutions. When she talks to people she assumes they have the same knowledge as she does yet refuses to share any information. She makes decisions on behalf of the business based on her experience and knowledge of the company but she's not the business so it shouldn't be her call.

I guess now that we're at that phase in the project where all the components are being tested and questioned, there are many holes. Holes I think are her responsibility to have identified and mitigated, holes that I believe she should focus her time on closing instead of telling off the vendor cause the test environment is always down.

It's hard to work in an environment where you don't agree with the approach of a superior team member. I've worked in enough projects to know how to manage stakeholders expectations, realise when an approach is working or not working, identify processes for mitigating risks and when there's a poor project manager managing the project. It's even harder when this person is like office furniture in the company, that is they've been there forever. So its even harder to convince her to try new things or get other people to doubt her because of her loyalty to the company. 
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