3 Dec 2012

Why Am I Here

I’ve started to share this blog with some people. I originally started this blog with the intention of keeping it a secret but recently I changed my mind. Main reasons I decided to share my blog was so I could share my recent holiday experience with people. So many times people have asked me ‘tell me about your holiday’ or ‘what do you recommend to do at ...’ that I decided its time I write it all down somewhere and I can just refer people to that once place. No more thinking back to what I did, no more trying to remember that restaurant’s name or web site, no more trying to find that email – it’s all in one place there for people to read, forward to other friends or come back to.

I’ve come to realise recently the main reason why I think I started this blog was to share and educate. I’m not a teacher, I don’t claim to be an expert in anything but I am an example. For years I’ve been an example to many but my shyness (yes I’m shy!) and inability to accept accomplishments have stopped me from accepting that role and wearing it loud so everyone can know.

But that’s changed. What brought me out of my shell was reading a blog post by Paul Angone. (I won’t ramble on how insightful his blog and upcoming book is just check it out yourself). My fear of being embarrassed was probably holding me back from doing a lot of things like sharing my experience and knowledge of being an example.

So what am I an example of? What knowledge do I hold that I feel I can educate others with? The knowledge of being better with money.

I don’t claim to have a lot of it or know everything there is to know but I am an example. An example of how you can purchase your first home at the age of 24, an example of how you can pay off $35,000 of debt in 18 months, example of how someone with no experience can renovate a whole home on a budget, example of an everyday person be able to understand the differences between products financial institutions offer. Basically I want to share my story on how I was able to achieve these things so others can be an example too.

Some disclaimer and background stuff so I won’t get in trouble:
  • I am not financial planner or advisor, I’m not trying to sell you anything. My posts are purely from what I’ve experienced, know and or research on a particular topic. So you’re probably thinking ‘why should I take any advice from you, you’re not even qualified’ Well that’s one of the main purposes of this blog, what differentiates it from finance blogs – I’m a living testimony that you don’t need to know everything about every topic that relates to finance but learn a few areas to help you make some good long term decisions.
  • I’m not a millionaire nor do I claim following my tips and knowledge will make you one either. I work a 9am-5pm job Monday to Thursday (I have Friday’s off cause I’m a mum and I get to enjoy a weekday with my son). I’m not (good) debt free but I live a comfortable life, have savings and didn’t have to be completely frugal to achieve it.
  • I share because I’ve been there. I've been blessed to have been guided and educated in the right money path quiet early, (knowledge I plan to share with you) but I’ve made bad calls and felt financial burden. As they say you don't appreciate the joy of success without knowing the pain of failure. 
  • Presently, I’m not being paid for my posts. I’m not gaining any financial benefits for sharing or mentioning any particular company or product. However if that does change, I'll let you know.
My commitment:
  • Break it down in lay man’s terms. The number one issue with money (and I think the big corporations do it on purpose) is the information is not easily understood by everyday people. If you walk away reading one of my post feeling equipped with new skills to improve how you manage your money now then I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve.
  • For each topic I post I will do my research and ensure information is relevant and correct. I will provide reference to where I sourced my material and where you can get more information.
  • To get you better at money!
So watch this space, send me questions or topics relating to money that you want someone to explain to you and I will endeavour to dedicate a post on your topic.

Don’t worry, I am still planning to finish posts about my recent/last holiday and of course I still want to capture my experiences and emotions of a mum so there will still be a lot of that.

So that's why I'm here. I'm excited and have sooo much stuff coming out of my head I don't know where to start ... I can't wait to share my experiences and knowledge with you. I hope you're ready to get real with yourself and get ready to be better with money.
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