28 Nov 2012

That Itch..

Those who know me know I have a pretty extensive resume of employers even though I’ve only been working full time for about 8 years. Granted half of my resume consists of contract vacancies therefore the position is only available as long as the project has funding.

Last week the monthly Career Oppourtunities email got sent out and admittedly I do always have a look to see what’s available internally. Usually there’s nothing really up my alley, working for a brokerage firm most roles are either client, sales or administration based. Our IT department in Australia is small and in my opinion still in its infant stages. I say this cause the systems we offer are behind than say the retail side of finance but … I do work for a brokerage firm. Revolutionary technology is not their key business generating sales is. I think until the old school brokers, who don’t even touch a computer retire it’s really hard to change how things are done here … anyways …

I’ve been wanting to move into a different space for a long time now. I’ve been pondering on it for ages and I even made some efforts this year to “touch base” with someone in that area internally and just have a chat. Understand how our internal products differ to competitors, how their department works, roles and responsibilities and flat out ask for any upcoming vacancies. The department is actually in Melbourne which is fine as we are contemplating making a sea/state change.

So I saw this role. Its not quiet where I want to be but it sounds like a hybrid between IT and a role I want to move into … I think. I say this cause its in the project space but does not make any references to systems.  The role is in Melbourne. I’m keen to know more about it so last night I was dusting up my resume and cover letter.

I discussed it with Ian and he’s encouraging, wouldn’t have expected anything less.

I’m yet to apply but 12 hours since I made the decision to apply I’m now having doubts about sending through my application for a number of reasons:
  • I’m over the project I’m on right now. Sick of working with someone in particular, sick of the politics involved in this project, sick of the lack of support, sick getting stuck doing tasks that are above and below my role and sick of being spoken to rudely. Don’t get me wrong everyone has those moments in their jobs but historically when I get to this point I move on. I’m a firm believer that sitting and whinging about it ain’t going to change the situation but do something about it will ... and I usually do something about it. And that’s my usual MO. I’ve was about to do that about 18 months ago when I was going through some personal issues but I realised that mantra has its boundries. Yes do something about a situation you’re not content about but before I do, assess whether its something I should change or channel more patience or a different attitude to be able to handle the situation better.
  • Unofficially announced movement is happening in my department and maybe I should wait to see the outcome. Not that I’m worried my role is at risk nor do I think I would get a promotion either, but there’s been too many times I have moved on from an employer only to find out a few months later  the structure changes. I always question whether if I had stayed a little longer whether my working environment could have gotten better?
  • I’m slowly building a network relationship with that “mentor” in the space I want to be in. If I take on a new role and an opportunity presents itself in his space would I be unable to leave my new role until a period of time?
  • Just this morning I read a post from a blog I follow about the juggling act between life with a baby and work without having support of family members around. It got me thinking am I taking my situation for granted? Again coming back to the whole don’t take a knee jerk approach to things, is moving far away from our families best thing right now.
Should I just apply anyways and see what happens? Am I just subconsciously making excuses for myself so I can justify not pursuing an application?
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