20 Nov 2012

Birthday Week Recap

It was my birthday last Wednesday, 14 November.

Obviously I didn’t go to work. Anyone who works on their birthday must have an awesome team who celebrates your day with morning tea birthday cake, long lunch at the pub and gives you an awesome gift that everyone pitched in to fund. So because I don’t wok in a team like that I took the (sickie) day off to be with my family.

Originally the plan was to go to the beach pending the weather was still going to be warm like it was on Monday and Tuesday, however the clouds and rain came and the trip to the beach was canned. We had a long late brunch and went out to let Eli run muck at one of those children play areas.

That evening Ian and I went to the famous Tetsuya’s and had the 10 course degustation. Admittedly each course was full of flavour ad very tasty, we left feeling satisfied - not stuffed but not hungry. The following day however we both felt very nauseous. I think we’re not use to eating that much raw food any more and upset our tummies.

Chilled pea soup with dark chocolate mousse

Savory custard with avruga

Salad of the sea

New Zealand scampi with chicken liver parfait walnut vinaigrette 

 Confit of petuna ocean trout with fennel unpasturised ocean trout caviar 

Veal tenderloin with shitake mushrooms and veal jus

Poached spatchcock with asparagus and morels

 De bone rack of lamb with sheep's yoghurt and kale

 Green apples and mint ice cream with basil jelly

 Floating island with praline and cream anglase 

Chocolate fondant with hazelnut and praline

On Friday was my Hubby Birthday Part 2 celebrations. I had secretly planned a few friends to join us for dinner at Ms. G’s at Potts Point. Dinner wasn’t until 9pm as the place was already booked out for the early time slots (plus they don’t take bookings for groups under 6 people), so we had pre dinner drinks at The Village. Unfortunately everyone arrived later than the birthday boy so the “surprise” component was a miss however the night was still a lot of fun. Can’t go wrong with a group of your closest friends gossiping about other friends, making fun of each other, reminiscing about how cool we were in our twenties and singing along to real old school rnb.

The food at Ms. G’s does live up to its hype. We opted not to get the set menu cause we figured we’d probably get more food if we just ordered what we wanted and boy were we right. Our party of 8 ordered 1 entrée and maybe 7 mains and there was so much food to go around. The servings weren’t massive the food marrying just satisfied the taste buds. I think also they would bring out the mains as they were ready so you would eat, eat, eat only to discover a new dish has arrived on the table. They also had these cocktails in a mild slushy form with sago style gum balls … so dangerously delicious. I want to go back there to try more!

Saturday morning was M hens breakfast. It was done at the Sofitel in Sydney. The breakfast area was so pretty, the décor reminded me of the Ivy. Saturday buffet breakfast with your girl friends should be like a monthly thing. I love catch up on what’s been happening since we last saw each other.

That evening was Twilight- Breaking Dawn P2 night. I watched it with my fellow read-the-Twilight-books-in-2-weeks-team-Edward friends. The final episode was … not that bad. It was tweaked a bit I think to satisfy the fans and critics but it wasn’t as disappointing as the second movie. Without giving it away, the “tweaked” component added some action to the movie and triggered emotions from the audience but from an author or screen writers perspective it’s the one way you don’t end a story, think of “it was all a dream” kinda scenario.

Sunday was a combined birthday celebration for me, Y and a welcome home for N. Was glad to see N who now lives in Chicago doing her thang and making her mark in US retail space. Always exciting and motivating to hear friends taking their humble ideas and turning them to reality.

We all met up at a café near Y for high tea. There was cucumber fingers, mini ham croissants and quiches, scones, salted caramel macarons, sweet pastries and canolie  … just to name a few. Great way to end the weekend.

So that’s my birthday week wrap up – family, food, friends …I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday.
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