1 Nov 2012

You Know You're In The Ghetto ...

Living back out west ... west again I've notice some ..... social differences.

This post lists the "differences" I've noticed or experienced while living back here.

You know you're in the ghetto when ....
  • the lady in front of you is paying for her groceries with silver coins.
  • you ask if they take Amex and the sales assistant responds with "what's that?"
  • you feel over dressed when wearing trousers and shoes out in public.
  • all the babies at the shopping centre are literally newborns.     
Don't get me wrong my ghetto side has also come out since moving back here. On Sunday I argued with the asian dollar store owner over the cost of pegs I wanted to buy. They were marked $2.50 but once I got to the counter owner claimed they were $3.50 and were marked incorrectly. I was doing my whole "According to Fair Trading you have to honour the price advertised, as its not my fault it was labelled wrong." FYI ... I didn't buy the pegs. 

At the shops I was going car horn crazy when I was blocked in by another car. The guy was picking up his disabled passenger .. "Ah don't karrre!!" 

I'm so ghetto ... fabulous!!
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