2 Nov 2012

British Museum & London Eye

British Museum
In London there are many museums and galleries. Fortunately a lot of them do not have any entry fee so deciding on which museum to go to is up to the individual depending on what you want to see more of. If like us, London is your first stop I don’t recommend seeing too many cause you’ll just be over museums early on the trip and potentially refuse to see other museums in other cities you go to.

Admittedly a lot of the museums contain a lot of the same things. Of course they don’t literally have the same items but they contain many of the same “stuff” from the same period.

During our tour of London we decided to check out the British Museum. Why cause it looked the prettiest inside. When you first walk into the foyer, the space, the brightness and design leaves you mesmerized. I felt a sense of calmness and sterile in that space.

The museum is free but certain exhibitions do have an entry fee. The audio guides are 5P each however you can do what I noticed some people do, which was share one using ear phones between you and a friend.

Besides the beautiful building the museum does host an amazing collection of art and artefacts. I personally enjoyed the greek collection especially the massive stone pieces. To think they were able to carve (in stone) such detail amazes me.

One museum I wish we did go to was the Natural HistoryMuseum to see some dinosaur bones.

London Eye

I mentioned in a previous post we attempted to ride TheLondon Eye one sunny day however the queues were extreme that day and opted for another day. We were lucky the afternoon we did decided to attempt the London Eye again, the clouds parted in time for great views of old London town.

Here are some lovely views taken:

Some tips to save your self queuing time and help you plan your trip on the big ferries wheel:
·      Try go weekdays and potentially mid to late afternoon. In summer last call on The Eye is 8.30pm so no rush in trying to get on first thing in the morning (unless you’re time pressed and on a strict itinerary).
·      There is a shorter line if you purchase tickets directly through the London Eye official web site in advance.
·      Look for ticket deals. We managed to find a 2for1 ticket deal online by chance but heard there are many similar deals available all the time. The shorter line does not apply to these deals. The deals are usually a coupon that you present when purchasing tickets.

Have you got any tips or suggestions to avoid the tourist queues in London? 
Did I fail to mention any other interesting museums in London? 
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