18 Mar 2013

Where I'm at

So I've been pretty quiet on the blog front.

I don't know just not feeling inspired to write. Feeling a little lethargic. Feeling a bit can't be bothered. 

I lie. I do feel bursts of inspiration for posts but at locations and moments where my lap top is not with me. And when I'm finally home the work required to run of the house and be a housewife sucks all the inspiration out again .... I don't mean that as bad as it sounds.
I can't justify being in front of my lap top for hours while my baby watches tv the whole time or not take advantage of the sunny weather to do the washing or mop the floors while my baby is asleep. I now refuse to do any chores on weekends as it is family time or it's usually filled with engagements for one or all of us to attend.

I never joined a mother's group when I first gave birth. Motherhood was an adjustment for me and I really didn't want to be out with Eli unless hubby was coming along with us. Then 6 months later maternity leave was over, I was back to work four days a week so the day I had off was spent catching up on bonding time with Eli, no extra activities required. But now that I am a SAHM I've been taking the little man to playgroups to get him burning off all that energy and to get us both out of the house.

My family has been going through some personal issues relating to deaths and near death experiences. Supporting family through these times can be emotionally and mentally exhausting but it has reminded me how fragile life can be and not to take it for granted. The current events reiterated how important it is to be as healthy as best you can and the value of family.

So that's where I'm at. Got some other stuff going on will share once I get things rolling and in due time ;)

Where are you at?
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