6 May 2013

18 Weeks

  • Nuchal translucency scan. Almost missed this scan, as the window of opportunity to check for this is between 11-14 weeks and I got it done four days before my 14th week. Received results indicating a low risk, so we were very relived. I was beginning to have doubts cause of the few weeks prior to finding out I was pregnant I wasn't being completely good to my temple.
  • My tummy has popped and harden a lot earlier this time around too. I already feel like I'm 7 months pregnant when I'm sitting under a table cause I can already feel that my tummy bump is in the way. That feeling came a lot later for me first time around but here it is, saying hi, making my current wardrobe very uncomfortable already. Hopefully that means bub is a lot bigger than Eli, but not too big please.  
  • Tired. Maybe it's because the baby is growing and unlike the first time I didn't have an infant to run after. I find I have waves of exhaustion. The insomnia at night doesn't help either.  
  • Heart burn. Already?! Hate it with a passion! All the symptoms I experienced in the last few weeks of my first pregnancy I'm experiencing them so much earlier this time. I've been trying to follow the tips I found online to avoid heart burn during pregnancy. 
  • Kicks. Last week I was able to let Ian feel one of bub's kicks. Its true what they say after your first pregnancy you tend to feel your baby a lot earlier at your consecutive pregnancies. I felt the little flutters around 14 weeks and now I feel my whole tummy jerk from bub's kicks. 
  • Emotional and sensitive. I get teary watching The Voice auditions, easily offended by other people's comments and actions (especially if its unsavoury towards me) and a total mess when I take out my frustrations on my family. I've wondered in fear how I'm going to get through this and felt apprehensiveness of whether I am strong enough to nurture my family.   

  • Asked the kuya-to-be whether he wants mummy to have a boy or a girl? He replies with "GURL ... Yeehhaahh!" We'll try get it for you little man.
  • Where to call home. We've been talking and looked into moving homes. Why? This place isn't our home. Never purchased it for that reason and because you know its not it just doesn't feel whole. Just difficult to make it happen with one income at the moment and Sydney home prices .... unbelievable and unpredictable.   
  • Where to stay in Hawaii. Yep family babymoon holiday booked for Hawaii in July, but didn't realise it's peak period at that time so hotels are very expensive. And the taxes in Hawaii, are they just making that stuff up? This may be one of the more expensive holidays we'll ever go on but at the same time I can't wait!  

I'd really like to be doing these progress shots and updates more frequently but Eli is starting to hate posing for the camera now. 
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