22 May 2013

20 Weeks

That's 5 months pregnant now. I've gotten interesting feedback from non parented or pregnant women saying we pregnant women need to stop using "pregnancy lingo" and just use number of months and weeks to make it easier for them to calculate and appreciate how far we are.  

No photos taken today unfortunately, but in the interest of making this post interesting I'll post up some photos I've found of me when I was pregnant with Eli. They've never been seen by anyone (except Ian of course) and once this phase of my life is over I doubt these photos would see the light of day.

Here are photos of me during my first pregnancy. Unfortunately the dates of when these photos were originally taken have been over ridden so I'm not sure how far I am at each photo.

  • Was able to get myself on the Case Load Midwife Program the hospital I will be delivering at offers. Basically it's when a dedicated midwife is assigned to look after you throughout your whole pregnancy process. A friend who completed the program told me about it and I thought it was a great alternative for those who are looking for a private care experience without the cost associated with one. One of major complains of the public maternity system is getting some random midwife at each antenatal appointment. The benefit of this program is a dedicated midwife is allocated to look after you. They complete all your check up's, review your results, will be present at your delivery (unless unable to attend for some reason) and will complete regular home visits post delivery. You have their mobile number and call them if you have any questions or concerns and you call them when you think its time to go into the hospital to give birth, instead of the maternity ward. It's a more personal approach and its like getting your own doctor in my opinion. I met my midwife this week, she's lovely and was totally unfazed by Eli running a muck in her office that morning. 
  • Varicose vein. First time I did experience this and again I've noticed these unsightly blue lines have appeared. Positive, they've appeared in the same spot at least I'm not getting them in new places. Negative, feeling some pain and tingling sensations around the area. Some women do experience varicose veins during pregnancy because the additional hormone progesterone, is causing the blood vessels in our bodies to relax. However while we're pregnant there is additional blood circulating in our body therefore putting a lot of pressure on our major veins to pump blood back to our heart. Unfortunately I probably have to live with the uncomfortableness during my pregnancy because its not recommended to do anything while I am pregnant and it usually clears up after birth, which did happen first time around.    
  • So much bigger than my first pregnancy. Other mum's of 2+ kids have comforted me in saying that it's totally normal and they experienced the same thing. Its just playing on my body image demons. I worry about how big I may get and how hard would it be to lose it all. I was still 6kg off my pre pregnancy weight before I became pregnant again, so I never got back to my original weight first time around.   

  • When asking the kuya-to-be whether he wants a baby boy or girl his response is now "Boy!" Wow he changes his mind as often as mum does.
  • Names. At this point we don't know the gender yet but we're starting to think of names we would consider. I think I've got hubby agreeing to one of my names. I'm sure it'll still be a bit of a heated discussion up until game day. 
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