7 Jul 2013

26 Weeks

This post is late as my 26 week was last Wednesday but better late than never .... 

  • 22 week scans. Results from the 22 scans not only told us the gender of our baby but also discovered a very small mass on the baby's brain. We were told not to worry about the results as this was very common. Meaning it could be just a shadow in the ultrasound but it's in their due diligence to report all abnormal results from the scan. Also the fact that it's just one mass and no other discrepancies elsewhere they're somewhat confident it's likely nothing serious. However we will be repeating test again at 34 weeks just to double check mass is nothing or check to see whether it has grown. 
  • Glucose test. Passed the drink test meaning I don't need further tests to see whether I developed gestational diabetes.  

  • Helpless and scared when I heard about the results relating to my scans. As a parent you wish there is more you can do, you would move heaven and earth to make it go away. I feel anxious waiting another 8-9 weeks until the next scan and the results. All we can do is pray and claim in Jesus name the mass will disappear and our baby will be healthy and complete in every way. 
  • Bigger. During my last antenatal appointment I mentioned that I feel so much bigger this time around. I feel like my stomach is a lot heavier and bigger. I questioned whether it means the baby is a lot bigger too and is there anything I need to worry about? My midwife advised me I probably popped out a lot quicker and faster because my abdominal mussels hadn't fully strengthened since giving birth the first time. So my tummy has easily expanded because I lacked core strength since my last pregnancy. So ladies don't neglect your core post baby. But even after a good hearty meal or a big drink I feel like my stomach is being stretched. Sometimes its not even comfortable to sit 90 degrees. Sometimes I just want to lie down so I can be comfortable. 
  • Realising I'm 26 weeks and about 3 months to go I'm starting to think about the things I need to prepare for baby number two.
  • A bit nervous about our holiday which we leave for in a few days time. I worry about the flight in particular with a two year old boy who doesn't sit still for very long. Also started thinking about my safety and the worst possible scenarios keep entering my head, like the baby comes prematurely and the complications associated with that. But Ian reminds me to focus on how much fun (and memorable) this first family holiday is going to be and it I'm sure it will be. 
  • Getting kuya ready for the transition of not being the only child. I ask him where the baby is everyday and show the baby some love. I'm teaching him to help himself and directing him with instructions ... hey, you got to teach them early. I ask him to put away his toys after play, his high chair after his meals and to pick up the random objects he leaves lying around. He does it 70% of the time. Just today we were at the dr's he tipped out a tray of coloured pencils. I asked him to pick everything up and he did it. One pencil at a time but he did it. I was very impressed and proud cause there was a room full of people watching to see whether he'd do it or judge us if he didn't.
  • Child care options for Eli. I would like some alone time with the baby once he's born, even once or twice a week. Ian and I discussed asking our parents to look after him once a week again but we also want Eli interacting with other kids his age. 
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