11 Jul 2013

My Love for Blogs

Sometimes I think about closing this blog. Main reason is the fact I don't really blog or blog as openly as I'd like to. I told myself when I started this blog I was going to be completely open about my experiences in motherhood and life but what holds me back is I think ultimately I am a private person.

I think back to other reasons why I started this blog and I think its because I enjoy reading other people's blogs. I'm nosy and enjoyed reading other people's personal experiences from the comfort and animosity behind my own lap top. I enjoyed reading some humorous and heart felt stories and antidotes that it made me reflect on my own experiences and made me want to share my own with the world wide web. 

Admittedly, I probably don't write as witty or stir any emotions from others with my writing. If anything I think I tend to write very vague and too much like a formal complaint letter. I am well aware I don't write often and so when I do finally have something ready to say, I feel the sudden rush to post it and tend not to re read and publish posts with lots of gramatical and spelling errors. 

The point to this post is I love reading blogs and lately I've come across some posts that have struck a cord with me personally which I wanted to share. These entries either made me smile and laugh with agreement or cry with validation. 

Sorry they're mostly about being a parent ... 
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