15 Apr 2014

Kai's Dedication

Last month we dedicated our second son to God. 

We realised it was almost exactly two years ago we held Eli's dedication. If someone told me I'd be throwing another dedication for my second child two years later I would have laughed and never believed them.

Again we just invited family and close friends. The guest list was a little smaller this time around. I noticed as our family grows our circle tightens. 

Ian and I always stress about treating the boys "equally" so it was only fair we celebrated Kai's dedication in the same fashion as his kuya's. 

We had a lovely short ceremony at church however I didn't get to read my love letter out this time around. I dunno why not ... I just got shy? Usually the father says a prayer for the child and we agreed I would just add my bit but I chickened out on the day. 

So here's my love letter and prayer for our son Kai. 
To our son Malachi, 
Before you were even born you were in the thoughts and prayers of family and friends. You stirred our hearts with love for you even before we knew you.

As you formed in the womb clouds of uncertainty made us worry. Nothing was ever certain so we put our faith in God that you would be okay. You arrived … in the most unexpected situations but quickly, safely … and you were perfect. 
Kai know that we your parents and your kuya Eli love you. We may one day forget to say it and at times you may think we don't show it, but know that we your parents love and support you unconditionally. 
We know God has something amazing planned for just for you, as you are destined for great things. Know you are your own person, unique and set apart.

Our encouragement is that you dream big, always taking a leap of faith in everything you put your heart into, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take risks and be different – may you live life to the fullest.

Your life is has been a blessing to our families and you bring blessings to those who encounter you.

Lord we pray that you protect our son, Kai. May you cover him with your protection and keep him not only forever safe, but in perfect health and continuously blessed. We know you have an amazing life planned for him. May he quickly realise that plan and understand to let you be the center of everything in his life. 
Thank you Lord for blessing us as parents once again. As we navigate through this parenting path we pray that you mould us into the best role models as we possible can be. Thank you for granting us another precious child, whom we dedicate back to you. In Jesus name we pray … 
One of the best gifts we received that day was my sister surprising us by being in the country to attend Kai's dedication. My whole family was in on it but they hadn't been planning it for very long as she only made the decision to come home the Wednesday prior. It was great surprise and best gift ever. Kai and his youngest aunt finally got to meet each other.

Some of my favourite photos from Kai's dedication with family and his god parents.

Photos taken by FT Photography
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