5 Apr 2014

Sleep Training Day 3 & 4

This is a continuation of a previous post. If you want to know how our first two days of sleep training went please read that first. 

Tuesday, 1st April

8:00 Kai woke up. I changed his nappy, fed him milk and solids then had play time. 
9:15 We read a book and put him in his cot for his morning nap. I turned mobiliser on, offered him his dummy then walked out of the room. He whimpers, rolls around the cot and observes his surroundings. I go back several times to hand comfort him. 
10:10 He is finally asleep. 
10:40 He is woken up by Eli. Tried to put him back to sleep but he seems to be more alert so we had play time instead. 
11:10 Breast fed him and started routine again. Read a book and into the cot with the mobiliser on. He's crying but only mildly. I go back in every couple of minutes to hand comfort him. 
12:20 Got to waiting 5 minutes before comforting him before he finally fell asleep. 
12:40 Got woken up by a loud sound. Tried to return him back to sleep and start the process of comfort settling him again. 
13:30 Got to 7 minutes of waiting and he was still not asleep so decided to give it a break. I changed his nappy, removed a layer of clothing and fed him. I noticed he looked sleepy so I moved him into the cot and began timed comfort settling.  
14:05 It got to 5 minutes of waiting before he finally fell asleep. I did pick him up once cause he was really upset and he looked so exhausted and I wanted to give him a big hug and kiss.
15:30 He woke up. Fed him milk, had some play time and fed him some food.
17:17 Commenced night time routine. Bath, read a book, good night cuddles and into the cot.
18:15 Still not asleep and has been crying since I put him in the cot. Decided to stop and breastfed him since he's due anyways. 
18:40 Returned him into the cot, mobiliser on and commenced timed comfort settling.
19:30 He's finally asleep. He seemed more upset today crying constantly. 
20:30 He woke up but I waited 2 minutes before turning on the mobiliser on and gentle hand settling. 
20:40 He's fallen back asleep. 

Today he got just under 15 hours of sleep. 

Wednesday, 2nd April

00:00 He woke up so I fed him then returned him back into the cot. He fell asleep straight away.
4:00 Woke up. Gave him the dummy and turned mobiliser on. He fell asleep within 5 minutes. 
7:40 Woke Kai up as I was putting him into the car. I had to drop Eli off to childcare and Kai was going to be looked after by the in laws.
15:30 Returned to the in laws and was told he didn't sleep until 10 minutes prior to be arriving. Was told his skin was really irritating him today and could be the reason why he barely slept. 
15:50 Kai wakes up. 
16:45 Arrive back home from childcare pick up and feed Kai milk then some food.
17:30 Commenced night time routine. Bath, read a book, goodnight cuddles.
18:00 Placed into the cot
18:49 He is finally asleep. Took 9 minutes of timed comfort settling.  
23:00 He woke up. Fed him and returned him into his cot. He fell asleep straight away. 

Today he got around 14 hours of sleep. 
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