6 Jan 2015

13 Ways You Can Tell You're At A Hipster Cafe

I was at a Christmas party a few weeks back and an older woman was telling me about a cafe she was recommending that she went to. Although she couldn't recall the name of it, she attempted to describe the ambiance of this place. I remember she said "it's one of those cafes where uni kids with beards hang out" ... I knew the type of cafe she was talking about, those "hipster cafes". 

Hipster Cafe's are "hashtag trending" as more of  these types of places to eat pop up in various suburbs in Sydney. 

I tried to look for a definition, or even an urban dictionary definition of what hipster cafe was and found nothing. So I thought I'd put together a list of 'How to tell you're at a Hipster Cafe' ...

1. Tap water is served in yellow plastic cups

The Tuckshop at Glenhaven (image credit)

2. The barista or at least one staff member has a beard or tattoo.

The Tuckshop at Glenhaven (image credit)

3. It can be hard to distinguish who are staff and who are patrons of the cafe as they don't wear uniforms ... well if you don't consider skinny jeans as uniforms.

4. They claim to serve their own brewed coffee beans

5. Something salted carmel is always on the menu

6. Everyone around you is Instagramming their food

7. Seating is mostly communal

The Grounds at Alexandria (image credit)

9. Cafe furniture and fittings must be mismatched and blend a number of different decor styles

Rupert & Ruby Darlinghurst (image credit)

10. Menu isn't extensive but every item is tasty, made fresh and instagram worthily presented

11. The cafe is usually busy with patrons. One who choose to go to one of the popular hipster cafes can assume there will be waiting time for a table.

The Baron at Castle Hill (image credit)

12. Cafe offers an array of sweets, in particular cronuts and or macrons

13. Cold drinks must be served in mason jars

What other attributes have you noticed about "hipster cafes"? Do you have a favourite you would recommend?
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