2 Jan 2015

2015 New Year's Resolutions

Another year, another set of resolutions.

If you've been following this blog for awhile now you would know I always make new year's resolutions. I like to set myself goals and try to achieve them. Sure you can set goals at anytime of the year and I do set goals throughout the year too, but there's something ... settling, complete, to me, about tackling them at the start of the year ... It's probably an OCD thing.

Oddly enough though as I tried to find the resolutions I made for 2014 I couldn't find them. I thought maybe I didn't publish the post and looked through the 50+ draft posts sitting in blogger but nope, nothing there.

It probably explains a lot. I've felt kinda lost this year. I've been uncertain and was lacking direction in certain areas in my life. I guess I never had real goals for 2014 so I had nothing written, nothing to really strive for, and wasn't accountable to myself last year.

Although I didn't have any defined resolutions for 2014 I feel like I achieved a lot. I tackled a lot of mind set fears and goals. This year I realised and let go of things that were holding me back from thriving. It wasn't just people, but that voice in my own head that makes me doubt myself, makes me think I can't do it or feel embarrassed. 

Even leading up to the end of 2014 and thoughts of what I want to achieve in 2015 crossed my mind, again I was thinking about whether I will return to work. I questioned why this topic consumes me so much and I realised its all in my head. I'm the one who thinks I should be working at some capacity, I'm the one who down plays the value in what I do at home and I'm the one who is judging and comparing myself to others. Finally letting go of these issues I've been able to accept and proudly say I'm a stay at home mom, without cringing.

This year though I have clear visions of where I want to be headed. I'm not going to state stuff like "help others" or "be a better parent" or "have more patience" - I think we all want and try to achieve these things on a daily basis. It's stuff that if we're mindful of, and do in small increments everyday, we eventually achieve without even realising. 

Having said that 2015 I have very clear personal resolutions and they are ...

Improve My Blog
I know this blog, and how I present the content could be improved. I want to update the layout, consider SEO's, edit images better and be more efficient - stuff that I put off cause I make too many excuses for myself. I want to really prioritise and be completely satisfied with this space and its content.

Improve on my Blogging 
I'd really like to write and articulate my stories better and provide quality content. I want to attend a really short writing course and a blogger conference to sharpen my knowledge and skills. I want to build a community, network and meet other bloggers. 

RX all WODs
Doing all CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) as prescribed without any adjustments or scaling down. I thought about maybe competing in one of the small team series this year, but I think I'm a long way from there. In the mean time, this year I want to get to the point where I'm preforming every WODs without scaling down.

Adopt an Eating Lifestyle
I'm not about doing a particular "fad" diet, but this year I really want to understand and respect food. For too long eating healthy has felt forced, I feel unsatisfied and usually hungry too ... I'm sure it stems from an eating complex I had in my teens. If I can choose to stop drinking fizzy drinks, surely I can make peace with healthy food. With the boys having allergies its even more important to implement a healthy eating lifestyle change for our family. 

Family Hobby
I noticed we don't have any regular family time. I'm talking about a time where everyone is doing something together without the distraction of electronics. Sure we go to the park but we're not always all together. And I think going to the park isn't always a bonding experience, we always separate cause each parent has to watch over one child. I asked Eli what we could do as a family and he said "draw" and I think that's a fitting family hobby. So this year we're gonna set aside some regular family time to do nothing but just draw, and talk to each other, and bond.  

The new year is a perfect time to start over, but it isn't the only time you can. So whatever it is you've been thinking about tackling how about now? I saw something on IG the other day I liked from Nike, "Yesterday you said Tomorrow ... Just Do It" 

Here's to 2015 .. come at me!! Wishing you a fabulous new year. May it bring you more unforgettable memories, challenges, success, answered prayers and blessings. 

What are your 2015 new years resolutions? Care to share?
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