31 Dec 2014

2014 ... The Year That Was

As we all prepare for another New Year's Eve of celebrating with family and love ones, I like to reflect on this past year and what key milestones shaped it.

Things that stand out to me this year include:

  • Starting CrossFit and really taking my fitness seriously. 
  • Celebrating Kai's dedication and his 1st birthday.
  • This blog getting some love from an My Child Magazine.
  • Celebrating key yearly milestones like, Ian and I's wedding anniversary, our birthday's and Eli's 3rd birthday.
  • Finally selling the investment property we previously struggled to sell. 
  • Weddings!! So many weddings this year! But I love weddings. I love celebrating two best friends commit to being exclusive to each other forever.
A few key parenting milestones included: 

  • Toilet training Eli.
  • Getting Kai to finally fall asleep unassisted
  • Watching my boys grow and develop right under my nose. It's amazing how much they change in such a short period of time. One day I get the new phase they're in, then a few days later it all changes again. It's confusing, tiring, challenging but I'm grateful to be there for it all. 

We all tend to look back on the year and think about what could have been, instead of appreciating it for what it was. At this time we also tend to start recommitting to ourselves (starting tomorrow) to become better than this past year. Usually setting big goals with no real thought process on how to achieve it, ending in failure and disappointment sooner than we started. 

As this year ends I encourage you to reflect and celebrate what was great about your year. If you think 'there wasn't anything great about 2014 for me' then be grateful. Be content you've had a steady year with no dramas or major set backs. Be thankful for your family, your amazing friends, your job, a roof over your head or even the fact that you've been consistently healthy this year. 

Enjoy your new year's eve. I hope it's cheerful, you're spending it with the people that mean the most to you and you get to enjoy the fireworks. I just hope I can stay up past midnight ...

Happy New Year!!
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