1 Dec 2014

November in Review

I'd like to upload on Instagram more often. But being the perfectionist (or introvert) I am I triple guess the image I think about uploading then decide not to do it. Insta, although does not stop you from writing as much or as little as you want to to the attached image, I tend not to write a lot and go over board with the description or #hash tagging. 

So here's a little more of the story behind selected images that I've uploaded on Instagram, and makes up my November.
1 Nov - Went away for the weekend down south with some friends. 

2 Nov - Checked out the famous white sand and turquoise water of Hymes Beach.

3 Nov - Was named member of the month at my CrossFit box because of the effort I've been putting in the gym.

14 Nov - My birthday!! A cronut, or four was in order. You can read about how I spent my birthday here.

16 Nov - Celebrated a friend's kitsch engagement at a uber chic venue at Atura. Its a new hotel right in the middle of no where western Sydney but it felt like Palm Springs Los Angeles. I'm trying to think of a celebration just so I can host something here myself. 

23 Nov - Christmas celebrations have begun. Starting with the Bebots annual Christmas feasting. Everyone brings a plate as always and this year we finally successfully ran a secret santa gift exchange. Previous year was a total fail thank goodness for technology to help us organise the simplest of tasks. 

29 Nov - More Christmas celebrating (or feasting) this time with some long time friends. A friend generously offered her home and set up an awesome inflatable pool that included slides and water guns to help keep the kids cool. Again too much awesome food and generous gifts exchanged. I love these girls and how our families have grown over the years. 

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