16 Dec 2014

Things I Miss About Work

I've been asked about when, if I will ever go back to work a lot recently. I don't know why? But believe it or not I actually like to work ... and I was pretty good at what I use to do, but doesn't mean I loved it. My personality, my character, the skills I naturally posses, my attitude and my head space ... I'm built to be in the workforce. Fortunately or unfortunately I'm also a woman and I never image children would make me question my prowess. 

I use to work in a similar working environment and for similar employers as Ian. Most days he comes home from being away for 11 hours and tells me about how busy his day was, or the current incident he's trying to resolve or difficult person he had to deal with, and I think, "I don't want to go back to that. The long commute, dealing with idiots. Then coming home stressed, tired and taking it out on the boys."

I know it's like that at every job sometimes, but until I figure out what I want to do next work wise, I think I'm not on the "employment market". That being said there are things I miss about working though. Here are the main points I miss most about working ...

1. Making Money
No brainer. I miss earning an income and the benefits of two incomes for a household. I miss having a little more extra in our savings, a little bit extra to buy what we want now, a little bit extra so we're not so conscious of the family budget and a little bit extra to spend on myself guilt free. 

2. Looking Like a Woman
Because I don't work I live in pj's most days, I don't bother with make up cause I only ever venture out to shopping centres and playgrounds, and most days I don't even bother brushing my hair. I miss wearing nice new outfits, slapping on a pretty face and playing around with different hair styles. 

3. Eating Different Types of Food
Anyone who works in town (Sydney) knows there's so much variety of food available everywhere. I miss the pork belly from City Hotel, ramen from Gumshara, japanese from Akaneya and level 5 food court at Westfield City. I miss my morning Campos coffee, walnut and banana bread and the baguettes from Taste. I miss eating lunch at a reasonable time in general, eating food I didn't prepare for myself and eating uninterrupted and at my own pace. 

4. Having Adult Conversations
Just to talk about anything else besides the boys or being a parent. I miss hearing office gossip, other people to talk to about the recent celebrity break up, or share opinions on the latest news headlines. 

5. Shopping
Anyone who works in town knows the variety of retailers available right outside your office. It can be dangerous but a bit of retail therapy is a nice way to give yourself a break from work. Also it allows you to get errands done without compromising family time on the weekend. 

6. Using My Brain
Work although can be repetitive or tedious at times, requires you to use your brain (hopefully) to complete your tasks. Things you use to do everyday you slowly forget when you're not doing it so often. I was pretty sharp with Microsoft Word and Excel before I left work, but even as the programs update in functionality and layout, I find myself getting lost trying to do the simplest edits.  

7. Dates with Hubby
Date nights are pretty rare so Ian and I use to enjoy having lunch together without the kids. We usually go some place that we really want to eat at, and would be such a hassle (or inappropriate) if we brought the kids with us. I remember one time after I had Eli and I was already back at work we had lunch at Prime ... cause we could. 

8. Catching up with people
Especially as people have their own families its getting harder to catch up with friends during weekends. Luckily a lot of my friends also work in town so it gave us an opportunity to see each other and catch up over lunch, coffee or drinks during the weekdays instead. 

Are you currently not working? What do you miss about work right now?

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