3 Feb 2015

January In Review

Wow the first month of the year flew, as it always does with the holidays and other annual celebrations that occurs this month. 

3 Jan: God-son L's 1st birthday party and the theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. There was wood fire pizza, sweets, games, a jumping castle and a guy who could create anything with balloons. The little details didn't go unnoticed, well I certainly appreciated it. I will be sharing those details on a separate post.

12 Jan: Headed up to Queensland for a couple of weeks. Love it up here, one day we'll have the courage to make the sea change. 

17 Jan: Published one of my proudest posts. 10 Things Only Bloggers Would Understand. I'm really liked this piece. The content was easy to write and readers (bloggers) must've related to the post cause I noticed additional activity across my other social media platforms. 

19 Jan: Drove up to Noose to meet up with another Sydney family also on holidays. What's to see and do at Noosa? Well there's the beach, a lake, lots of hotels, motels, resorts and high end hotel chains therefore lots of retailers too. There are restaurants, cafes, bars, tons of water activities to do, beautiful homes to admire and of course lots of tourists. It's still a great place to visit. 

24 Jan: Our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary. Ian surprised me by booking lunch at Jonah's at Palm Beach for us and the boys. Food was amazing, it's been ages since I've had fresh seafood .... it's been ages since we've eaten somewhere that fancy. The boys did well during lunch and to our surprise we weren't the only one's with kids there that day. 

30 Jan: I've decided to include a regular theme or category on my blog going forward, and that is sharing real people's parties. Why? ... why not I say? It stems from my love of organising parties and sharing information with people. Whenever I plan parties I go online for ideas, but found sometimes came stuck when sourcing vendors to implement those ideas. What I want to achieve with this new section of my blog is not only to inspire your next party, but also give you names and contacts to help you achieve it too. If you would like to submit a party you've previously hosted and would like to share it on here email me on gen.y.mum@gmail.com 

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